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Discover, Indulge, And Entertain, A Recap Of Our Latest Features

Welcome to another exciting edition of Go Places Digital! This week, we take you on a journey across various categories, highlighting the best destinations, travel experiences, dining options, entertainment venues, and lifestyle offerings.

Our exploration begins with the breathtaking beauty of Uganda, as we unveil its wonders as a destination under the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). From its stunning landscapes to vibrant culture, Uganda promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

In the travel category, we feature a diverse array of articles, including insights into airlines such as Kenya Airways and Fly ALS. Under Ethiopian Airlines, discover tips for a memorable stopover in Addis Ababa, explore Aviation Academy, and indulge in exclusive Valentine’s Day and AFCON offers. We also showcase exquisite accommodations, including Watano House, Sunshine Marine Lodge, Sunshine Bay Nasikia Camps, and Kendwa Rocks, offering unparalleled experiences for discerning travelers.

For those seeking culinary delights, our wine and dine category presents a tantalizing array of recommendations for Valentine’s Day. From Vanguard to Non Solo Gelato and Rozina’s Restaurant, savor exquisite flavors and ambiance at Sarova properties, including Thai Chi and Stanley with their Tulia Spa offers.

In the entertainment category, we spotlight Mega Cinemas and Century Cinemax outlets across Nairobi, Junction Mall, Two Rivers Mall, Sarit Centre and Garden City Mall promising thrilling cinematic experiences for movie enthusiasts. Meanwhile, our lifestyle and hospitality categories feature EAGM Group and Fragrance Lounge, offering unique experiences and products to elevate your lifestyle.

Don’t miss out on upcoming events, including the 2nd Regional Hospitality Summit, Kilifair 2024, AHIF 2024, PROPAK East Africa, and the Z-Summit. We also share highlights from recent events, including the Premier Plaza Lounge launch and the SKAL International Luncheon.

Finally, delve into our weekly articles covering Lifestyle, Business, Technology, Go Places  Digital marketing insights, Upcoming Events, EyeContentKE, Book Review and Cocktail Of The Week. Join us as we continue to explore and celebrate the best of what our world has to offer.

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