‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’, A Perfect Valentine’s Read

Book Review Week 06 2024 The Last Letter From Your Lover

Book Of The Week – Two Lives, One Passionate Correspondence

Title: The Last Letter From Your Lover

Author: Jojo Moyes

Place: The United Kingdom

Publisher: ‎Penguin Publishers

Date of publication: June 2012



The Last Letter From Your Lover is a novel by Jojo Moyes that explores the power and mystery of love letters. The story follows two women; Jennifer and Ellie, who live in different times but are connected by a passionate correspondence between a married woman and her lover in the 1960s. Jennifer wakes up from a car accident with no memory of her past and discovers a letter signed by “B” that urges her to leave her husband. Ellie is a journalist in 2003 who finds the same letter in an archive and becomes obsessed with finding out the fate of the star-crossed lovers. As both women embark on a journey of discovery, they face the challenges of their own complicated relationships and the choices they have to make. The Last Letter From Your Lover is a captivating and emotional novel that celebrates the enduring power of love.


The Last Letter From Your Lover is a captivating romance novel that keeps you invested in the fate of two star-crossed lovers from different eras. Jojo Moyes masterfully crafts a plot that involves a young and wealthy socialite, Jennifer Stirling, who falls in love with a journalist, Anthony O’Hare, in the 1960s. Their affair is revealed through a series of love letters that are discovered by another journalist, Ellie Haworth, in 2003. Ellie becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to the lovers and how their story relates to her own. The novel is emotional and suspenseful, full of twists and turns, drama and passion, and realistic characters that keep you hooked till the end. Moyes’s writing style is elegant, fast-paced, and engaging, making you feel like you are part of the story. She creates a realistic and compelling portrait of the social and historical context, as well as the moral dilemmas that Jennifer and Ellie face as they try to balance their love, their career, and their conscience. The Last Letter From Your Lover is an entertaining read that will appeal to fans of romance, historical fiction, mystery, and drama. Even though The Last Letter From Your Lover is a classic example of Moyes’s talent for creating captivating romance novels that explore the power and the challenges of love, it is fair to note that Jojo relies heavily on clichés and stereotypes, dominating her work with female Characters. However, anyone who enjoys a thrilling and heartwarming read should grab a copy of The Last Letter From Your Lover.

Author’s Profile

Jojo Moyes is a Commendable English Journalist and a bestselling novelist who has captivated millions of readers with her stories of love, loss, and self-discovery. She is a two-time winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year Award and a screenwriter for the film adaptation of her novel Me Before You.  Her books have been translated into 46 languages and sold over 50 million copies worldwide. She lives in Essex, England with her husband and three children.

Other notable works by Jojo Moyes include:

1. The Giver of Stars: A historical fiction novel about five women who join a traveling library in Depression-era America and discover friendship, courage, and passion.
2. One Plus One: A contemporary romance novel that follows a single mother, a geeky millionaire, and a chaotic road trip that changes their lives.
3. The Girl You Left Behind: A historical fiction novel that alternates between the story of a French woman whose husband painted her portrait during World War I and a modern-day woman who inherits the painting and unravels its secrets.
4. Someone Else’s Shoes: A novel that explores the lives of three women who swap places for a month and learn about themselves, their relationships, and their dreams.

The book is found in all the leading bookshops today and online books’ sites.


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