From Sky To Savannah, Fly ALS Takes You To Ol Pejeta


Experience Wildlife Wonder, Fly ALS Flights To Ol Pejeta

Experience the ultimate safari adventure with Fly ALS as we soar you to the breathtaking Ol Pejeta Conservancy via the scenic Nanyuki Kamok airstrip. Nestled in the heart of Laikipia County, Ol Pejeta boasts a diverse ecosystem teeming with wildlife wonders.

Upon arrival, immerse yourself in thrilling game drives, where you’ll encounter the Big Five and marvel at the majestic beauty of African wildlife. Embark on guided bush walks and witness the untamed wilderness up close, accompanied by experienced rangers who unveil the secrets of the savannah.

For the conservation enthusiasts, Ol Pejeta offers unique opportunities to visit the last two remaining northern white rhinos and support vital conservation efforts. Additionally, indulge in memorable experiences like sunset picnics overlooking vast plains and romantic bush dinners under the stars. Fly ALS invites you to discover the magic of Ol Pejeta from the skies, where every moment is an adventure.

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