The Artistry Of Gem Cutting, House Of Gems’ Craftsmanship Unveilled

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Customized Brilliance, House Of Gems’ Unique Gemstone Cuts

In the world of gemstones, it is not just the stones themselves that mesmerize us but also the artistry and precision behind their cuts. When it comes to mastering the art of gem cutting, House of Gems Tanzania stands out as a shining example of expertise, passion, and dedication. With four exquisite properties, they offer a kaleidoscope of gemstone cuts to transform precious minerals into breathtaking jewellery.

At House of Gems Tanzania, each gemstone is a canvas, and their expert gem cutters are the artists. Whether it is the classic brilliance of round cuts, the timeless elegance of ovals, the contemporary charm of squares, or the regal allure of emeralds, House of Gems Tanzania ensures that every facet, every angle is perfect. Their commitment is to bring out the true hue of the gemstone, ensuring that every facet captures the light with unparalleled beauty.

From the captivating Tanzanite to the vibrant Tsavorite and the enigmatic Spinel, House of Gems Tanzania offers an extensive range of gemstone options.

Their cuts are customized to fit your preferences and specifications, making each piece of jewellery a unique masterpiece.

To truly appreciate the artistry behind their gem cuts, we urge you to visit any of their four properties at the Headquaters in Arusha where you get to go through the showroom and gem museum, the Four Seasons Lodge outlet, the Gran Melia Hotels in Arusha and the Safari Showroom at the Jambo Arts Centre in Makuyuni. Explore, learn, and perhaps even find that perfect gem that resonates with your style and personality. House of Gems is not just a store; it is an invitation to experience the world of gemstones in its purest and most brilliant form. Visit them today and let the gemstones and their unparalleled craftsmanship cast their spell on you.

Main Showroom and Gem Museum

Located at 45A River Road/ Mtoni Road

Contact us today: +255 758857000

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Our Branches

Gran Melia Hotel, Arusha

+255 747364744

Four Seasons Lodge Serengeti

+255 752857000

New Location Jambo Arts Center, Makuyuni.


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