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The Best Of Travel, Dining, Entertainment And Much More This Week

In this week’s edition of Go Places Digital, we’ve curated an eclectic mix of articles to cater to every aspect of your lifestyle. We kicked off with a journey through some of the finest establishments, unveiling Sno Sundae Ice Cream Parlour, Serenity Spa, Zereniti House and Garden, and Forest Hill Hotel. From indulgent treats to serene escapes and luxurious accommodations, these destinations promise unforgettable experiences.

Transitioning to the travel category, we embarked on an exploration of the skies with Fly ALS, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines. Delving into topics ranging from Women In Aviation to Mombasa Flights and Boeing insights, aviation enthusiasts were treated to a wealth of fascinating articles. Further enriching our travel experience, we delved into the offerings of Nasikia Camps, Crystal Lodges, Uganda Tourism, Watano, Fairview Estate and Ameera Africa Safaris, providing insights into unforgettable safari adventures.

In the wine and dine category, we tantalized taste buds with Ramadan offers from Vanguard and Sarova outlets, including Stanley, Woodlands, Lion Hill, and Imperial. From delectable dishes to sumptuous spreads, these establishments set the stage for memorable dining experiences.

Entertainment took center stage as we explored the vibrant scenes of Mega Kisumu and Century Cinemax Outlets across Nairobi. With locations at Garden City Mall, Two Rivers Mall, Junction Mall, and Sarit Centre, movie buffs were spoiled for choice.

Rounding off our lineup, we highlighted upcoming events such as Kilifair 2024, AHIF 2024, and Avia Dev 2024, ensuring our readers stay informed about the latest happenings. Additionally, our weekly articles on Business, Technology, Lifestyle, Book Reviews, Cocktail of The Week, Upcoming Events, EyeContentKE and Go Places Digital Marketing provided valuable insights and updates.

Join us as we journey through the diverse realms of lifestyle, travel, entertainment, and more, only on Go Places Digital.

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