Experience Divine Dining With Specials Throughout Ramadan

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Savour The Spirit of Ramadan, Saum Maqbul At Sarova Imperial Kisumu

Indulge in the divine flavours of tradition and the essence of togetherness this Ramadan at Sarova Imperial Kisumu’s Florence Restaurant. Elevate your Iftar and Suhur experiences with Saum Maqbul, where every dish is crafted with care and reverence for this sacred month.

Join Sarova Imperial from 6:45 pm for Iftar and from 4:00 am for Suhur, and savour an array of delectable refreshments and petit fours, meticulously prepared by their skilled chefs. For only Kes. 3,000 per person, immerse yourself in a culinary journey that celebrates the spirit of Ramadan.

From the 10th of March to the 9th of April, embrace the spirit of unity and devotion with their exclusive Ramadan offers. And for those seeking a moment of solace amidst the festivities, a prayer room is available upon request, ensuring that every aspect of your Ramadan experience is attended to with utmost care.

As we embark on this blessed month, let us come together as a community and partake in the joys of Saum Maqbul at Sarova Imperial Kisumu. Let the spirit of Ramadan illuminate our hearts and enrich our souls. Book your experience now and make this Ramadan truly unforgettable

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