Revolutionary Barware From EAGM.

Elevate your bartending experience with EAGM, your ultimate destination for premium barware meticulously crafted with precision and durability, designed to enhance every aspect of the drinking experience.

Julep mugs are essential in the cocktail world, capturing the timeless charm of the Mint Julep while adding sophistication and a refreshing chill to any drink presentation, making them a must-have for cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders alike.

Whiskey decanters and wine carafes are essential in bartending, enhancing visual appeal, allowing for precise pouring, and elevating the drinking experience with added class and flavour appreciation.

An ice bucket, tongs, and a double-sided jigger are essential bartending tools, ensuring precise measurements, perfect chilling, and an elegant touch for consistent, balanced, and professional drink presentation.

Bar spoons and strainers are essential for bartenders, enabling seamless cocktail preparation with optimal taste, texture, precision, and visually stunning presentation that impresses discerning palates.



At EAGM, we prioritise quality and style to enhance your bartending craft. Head over to the website or visit our showrooms to get your hands on these luxurious items today!






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