Nairobi Serena – A Thai Evening In Conjunction With The Embassy Of Thailand

A Thai Evening With Nairobi Serena In Conjunction With The Embassy Of Thailand A Thai evening and cocktail took place on 29th Nov 2022 at the Nairobi Serena Hotel. This was an evening featuring the dance troupe from Bundipatansipla Institute, Thailand’s leading institute in the education of Thai classical arts.

The evening was hosted by the General Manager of Nairobi Serena Mr. Anthony Karingi and his team, and it was graced by Ambassador Sasirit Tangulrat, Thailand’s ambassador and the diplomats from the Embassy.

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The first performance was called Khon: A masked dance drama from the central part of Thailand. The performance has one female and one male. The female is the daughter of a fish and Thotsakan the demon King of Krung Longka. She is in a form of a mermaid, half woman, and half fish. She rules the ocean as a queen of the fish kingdom. When Phra Ram, who is the prince of Ayuthaya, gives orders to his army to build a stone causeway from the mermaid to the isle of Krung Longka, Supanna Matcha has the piled-up stones removed by her fish subjects. On learning of this, Phra Ram sends Hanuman in pursuit of the one responsible. The white monkey seeks out Supanna Matcha in the depth of the ocean and after her capturing her, he wins her over his course after an intensive courtship.   The second performance was a Thai traditional dance called Fon Khan Dok a performance from the northern part of Thailand. Its essence is to worship Buddhism, which brings peace and tranquility to the country. The props for the show is a flower bowl with flowers for congratulating on the auspicious occasion.   The third performance was another traditional dance called Sheng AEY Dok Khun. It represents the folk arts of the northeastern region of Thailand. This specific performance is to have fun with a unique Thai Pong Lang band accompanied by a performance that matches the exciting melody.   The final performance was called Rab Kwan Khan. The dancers are dressed in the traditional costume of Thai rice growers. The dance is designed to reflect the daily routine of these people who form the backbone of the nation. It begins with the fresh atmosphere of an early morning when the planters go out to sow. When the rice is growing they gather to worship ” Mae Posop”, the Goddess who presides over rice farming.   The dancers interacting with the audience   The opening remarks by Anthony Karingi the General Manager of Nairobi Serena. The middle and right are diplomates from the Embassy of Thailand with friends and family.   Nairobi Serena invited guests and partners networking and enjoying the evening.   ]]>

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Sharing is caring. :)

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