KTB’s Dynamic Campaigns Elevate Kenya’s Sports Tourism

Kenyan runner Amos Rono interacts with Boston Marathon fans at the KTB expo stand ahead of the Boston Marathon scheduled for Monday 15th April

From Boston To London, Kenya’s Marathon Trail

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has announced its participation in the upcoming Boston and London marathons, scheduled for 15th and 21st April 2024, respectively. According to KTB, this initiative is part of their dynamic promotional campaigns in the United States and the United Kingdom, aimed at solidifying Kenya’s position as a premier sports tourism destination.

Kenyan runner Amos Rono interacts with a marathon fan at the KTB stand ahead of the Boston Marathon.

During these iconic marathon expos, participants can sign up to run amidst breathtaking landscapes, alongside champions. KTB also extended an invitation for holiday trips to Kenya for lucky winners through partnerships with Kenya Airways (KQ) and other esteemed entities. Notably, the US and UK have significantly contributed to Kenya’s thriving tourism sector, with a remarkable 28% growth in arrivals from the US alone last year.

Boston marathon fans visit the KTB stand at the Boston Marathon expo. High-profile marathons have propelled Kenya into the international spotlight for sports tourism

Sports tourism is more than just an adventure; it serves as a global platform to showcase Kenya’s scenic vistas and exceptional heritage. With iconic marathons highlighting the country’s beauty, KTB aims to offer world-class experiences that go beyond ordinary travel. According to UN Tourism, sports tourism is rapidly growing worldwide, accounting for approximately 10% of global tourism expenditure. Projections indicate growth rates of up to 17.5% between 2023 and 2030, positioning KTB at the forefront of promoting Kenya’s prominence while benefiting the nation’s economy.

Welcome to Kenya, where every stride celebrates nature, culture, and the indomitable spirit of human achievement.

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