Kenya’s Triumph By Leading the Way in Global Tourism Governance

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Election to Chair UNWTO Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness Marks a Pivotal Moment for Kenya’s Tourism Leadership

Kenya has achieved a historic milestone by securing the position to chair the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness. The victory, announced after a rigorous voting process in Madrid, positions Kenya as a global leader in shaping the future of the tourism industry. Dr. Alfred Mutua, the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife, emphasized the strategic importance of this win, underscoring Kenya’s role as a decision-maker in global tourism policies. The three-year chairmanship signifies Kenya’s commitment to fostering job creation, environmental conservation, and inclusive growth on a global scale.

This achievement comes after Kenya triumphed over formidable contenders, Thailand and Malta, in two rounds of voting during the committee’s inaugural meeting at the UNWTO headquarters. Dr. Mutua expressed gratitude for the confidence UNWTO member states have placed in Kenya’s leadership capabilities.

The country’s success in the bid was bolstered by its tourism competitiveness pillars, including destination marketing, diversified tourism offerings, sustainable practices, cultural and natural heritage, training programs, and technological innovations. Kenya’s infrastructural advancements in roads, airports, and hospitality facilities were also highlighted as key enablers, unlocking growth potential for the sector.

Kenya’s tenure as the chair of the UNWTO Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness extends from 2024 to 2027, further solidifying its influential role in shaping the global tourism landscape. As the designated technical officer, Wausi Walya, Public Relations and Corporate Communications Manager at the Kenya Tourism Board, played a crucial role in leading Kenya’s bid and ensuring a successful outcome. This victory positions Kenya at the forefront of sustainable and competitive tourism practices, promising a transformative impact on the industry.

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