InterNations Nairobi’s January Networking Extravaganza

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Highlights From InterNations’ Kempinski Gathering

InterNations Nairobi launched the new year with a spectacular networking event at the exquisite Kempinski Hotel, setting the tone for a vibrant and engaging expat community in the heart of the city. Guided by Ambassadors Amir Parpia and Akinyi Adongo, the gathering unfolded as a warm welcome back for members returning from the holiday season.

Established in 2007, InterNations has grown into the largest global expat network, connecting over 3.7 million members across 420 cities globally. This January event at Kempinski not only highlighted the diversity of the expat community in Nairobi but also provided a valuable platform for social and professional networking.

The Kempinski Hotel, known for its opulence, served as an ideal setting for the evening, creating an atmosphere conducive to fostering connections among the city’s expatriates. Attendees, carefully approved through an exclusive membership process, engaged in dynamic conversations, sharing their unique expat experiences and insights.

The event, more than just a social gathering, showcased the genuine commitment of InterNations to quality connections. Amidst the backdrop of laughter and animated discussions, members, whether familiar faces or newcomers, found common ground, transcending cultural boundaries.

The success of the evening underscored InterNations’ core mission – to build a global community that goes beyond geographical borders. Kempinski Hotel witnessed not only a networking event but a celebration of shared experiences, cultural exchange, and the strength inherent in international connections. It was a testament to the power of InterNations in creating a global network that truly feels like a home away from home.

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