WTM Africa’s Strategic Partnership With China Travel Online


WTM Africa Pioneers A New Era In Global Travel Dynamics

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the landscape of global travel, WTM Africa has forged a strategic alliance with China Travel Online, a leading Chinese outbound travel portal. This dynamic partnership marks a pivotal moment in the travel industry’s recovery, unleashing unprecedented opportunities for stakeholders on both ends.

With China’s outbound travel market projected to surpass 264 million trips in 2024, this collaboration aims to seamlessly connect the robust Chinese travel market with Africa’s diverse offerings. The focal point of this innovative venture is the China Market session at WTM Africa’s 2024 show in Cape Town, where key insights on penetrating the Chinese market will be unveiled, providing invaluable knowledge for industry professionals.

The strategic buyer and media partnership with China Travel Online will facilitate engagement with key Chinese tourism stakeholders during the three-day event in April 2024. The collaboration also includes hosting prominent Chinese buyers for pre-scheduled business meetings and networking sessions.

Megan De Jager, Portfolio Director for WTM Africa, emphasizes the immense opportunity presented by the Chinese outbound travel market, particularly in the post-COVID era. As South Africa welcomes Chinese visitors, this partnership becomes a catalyst for accelerated recovery on both fronts. The 2024 edition of WTM Africa promises an array of business meetings, content sessions, and networking opportunities, shaping the future of tourism expansion between China and Africa. This collaboration signifies not just a partnership but a strategic journey towards unlocking new horizons in the global travel arena.

Megan De Jager, Portfolio Director at Africa Travel Week


Marcus Lee, CEO of China Travel Online


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