Unwrapping Joo And Co’s Exclusive Offer On Tanzanite And Tsavorite


Joo And Co’s Exclusive 5% Festive Discount On Tanzanite and Tsavorite

Step into the world of exquisite craftsmanship and rare gemstones with Joo and Co, a fine jeweler that transcends boundaries to bring you the epitome of luxury. Founded by the visionary Faisal Joo, a graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics, Joo and Co has been synonymous with fine jewellery for over two decades.

Faisal Joo’s passion for rare stones led him on a captivating journey across the African continent, discovering gems that would later become the hallmark of Joo and Co. Boasting a rich family heritage in trading rare gems, the brand has become a beacon for those seeking the finest gemstones and unparalleled craftsmanship.

This festive season, Joo and Co invites you to indulge in the allure of Tanzanite and Tsavorite, two gems that have captured hearts worldwide. As a special treat for GoPlace Digital subscribers, enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on TSAVORITE and TANZANITE until December 31, 2023. This limited-time offer adds a touch of sparkle to your celebrations, allowing you to adorn yourself with these extraordinary gems at an irresistible price.

Joo and Co takes pride in curating one-of-a-kind jewelry, transforming these exotic gemstones into masterpieces that reflect elegance and sophistication.

With one of the largest collections of Tanzanite, Tsavorite, and other rare gems in Kenya, their boutique stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering signature jewelry designs.

 Don’t miss the chance to make this festive season truly special with Joo and Co’s exclusive 5% discount on TSAVORITE and TANZANITE—your passport to luxury and elegance. Visit their  Sarit Centre outlet and let the radiance of rare gemstones elevate your celebrations.

Visit The Outlet at Sarit Centre, New Wing/ 1st Floor

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