Unveiling The Crab Shack, A Coastal Haven For Gastronomy And Nature Enthusiasts


Beneath The Mangrove Canopy, The Crab Shack Experience


Nestled along the picturesque Mida Creek, not far from Dabaso village and Watamu, lies The Crab Shack – a discreet gem and community-driven haven that seamlessly blends eco-conscious dining with breathtaking natural surroundings. This low environmental impact wooden construction, standing at the edge of the mangrove forest, is more than just a restaurant. It’s a venture by the Dabaso Creek Conservation Group (DCCG), crafted to promote eco-activities, protect mangrove forests, and provide education for the local Mida Creek fishing communities.


The Crab Shack offers an amazing dining experience with its unique setting. Accessible via a 200-meter boardwalk, guests embark on a journey through the heart of the mangrove forest, immersing themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of Mida Creek. The restaurant, perched at the water’s edge, treats patrons to panoramic views of Kirepwe Island, creating a perfect backdrop for bird watching. The raft-like structures open up, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of nature, making it an ideal spot to unwind and connect with the serenity of coastal living.

Culinary Experience

At The Crab Shack, the culinary adventure begins with a locally sourced menu featuring delicious fresh fish, prawns, and the restaurant’s specialty – crab dishes, expertly prepared by trained chefs.

The menu extends beyond seafood, offering a delightful selection of snacks, including the Shack’s signature crab samosas. Whether indulging in pastas, fries, or other seafood delights, guests can savour their meals while overlooking the mesmerizing waters, creating a memorable dining experience for friends and family.

The culinary journey at The Crab Shack doesn’t end with savoury seafood; it extends to an array of tempting snacks and delightful desserts. For those with a penchant for savoury bites, the restaurant offers its signature samosas—crispy parcels filled with the rich flavours of the sea.

Additionally, sweet enthusiasts can revel in the satisfying coolness of The Crab Shack’s ice cream, a perfect conclusion to a delectable meal.Whether you’re savouring the savoury crunch of samosas or relishing the sweetness of ice cream, these culinary delights are the perfect accompaniment to the stunning views and coastal ambiance that define The Crab Shack experience.


Beyond the delectable cuisine, The Crab Shack invites guests to explore the natural wonders surrounding the restaurant. Enjoy boat rides along the Creek, venture into the mangrove forest for an immersive experience of its beauty, or simply relish the most breathtaking sunsets. The restaurant encourages patrons to arrive early for dinner, allowing them to witness the spectacular sunset as the sun dips over the Creek – a moment best enjoyed with a refreshing drink in hand. Don’t forget your cameras; these moments are not just meals but memories to be captured.

Supporting the Community

Choosing The Crab Shack goes beyond a gastronomic experience. The crabs are sustainably farmed as part of a DCCG eco-initiative, and the fish are sourced from local Creek fishermen. Dining here directly supports the local community, with all profits contributing to DCCG’s conservation and education activities. Guests even have the option to pay a small fee for a guided tour of the boardwalk, allowing them to contribute to the cause without necessarily having a meal.

The Crab Shack isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a commitment to sustainable practices, community support, and an immersive coastal experience. From the eco-friendly construction to the locally sourced menu, every aspect reflects a dedication to preserving the beauty of Mida Creek and the well-being of its inhabitants. Come, indulge in exquisite seafood, bask in nature’s splendour, and be a part of a community-driven initiative at The Crab Shack.

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