Uni Industries East Africa Celebrates Growth At Emara Ole Sereni

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A Recap Of UIEA’s Breakfast And Certification Award Event

On May 31, 2024, Uni Industries East Africa (UIEA) marked a significant milestone in their journey towards excellence with a grand Breakfast and Certification Award event at the luxurious Emara Ole Sereni in Nairobi. This celebration was a testament to UIEA’s unwavering commitment to investing in their people, a key pillar of their strategic vision initiated in early 2022. The event underscored the company’s dedication to becoming the equipment and solutions provider of choice in the East African food service sector, an ambition that requires robust systems, procedures, and most importantly, highly skilled and motivated individuals.

The highlight of the event was the recognition of the Sales Team and the Executive Committee (ExCo) for their successful completion of the Leadership Management International (LMI) modules. The Sales Team, having undertaken the Effective Selling Strategies module, showcased their newly acquired attitudes and techniques designed to enhance sales performance, strengthen client relationships, expand market share, and ultimately drive profitability. Meanwhile, the ExCo members embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the Effective Personal Leadership module, reflecting UIEA’s holistic approach to personal and professional development.

UIEA’s commitment to continuous development was evident as the company celebrated these achievements. The atmosphere at Emara Ole Sereni was electric, with participants sharing personal insights and reflecting on their learnings over a sumptuous breakfast. The LMI Kenya Team, who played a pivotal role in facilitating the training, joined in the celebration, adding to the sense of accomplishment.

The event was also a reaffirmation of UIEA’s belief in the perpetual journey of people development. By investing in training and fostering a culture of self-development and self-exploration, UIEA is paving the way for a future where their team is equipped with both technical expertise and the behavioural competencies necessary for success. This holistic development approach ensures that each employee is not only proficient in their roles but also grows personally, contributing to the overall strategic goals of the organization.

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As the UIEA team continues to evolve, the lessons and skills gained from the LMI modules will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their ongoing success. The Breakfast and Certification Award at Emara Ole Sereni was a fitting celebration of their achievements and a powerful reminder of the company’s dedication to its people. With such initiatives, UIEA is well on its way to achieving its vision, driven by a team that is both capable and inspired.

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