Treat Your Family to An Unforgetable Holiday To The Seychelles Islands

Escape To Paradise With Your Loved Ones And Make Lasting Memories On The Ultimate Family Holiday In Seychelles. Discover The Island’s Stunning Beaches, Lush Jungles, And Vibrant Culture As You Bond And Create Memories That Will Last A Lifetime.

Consider having your next family holiday in Seychelles and you won’t be disappointed. Having a well-deserved family holiday is sometimes all you need, providing some much-needed relaxation and valuable family time. As you know memories made on family vacations are the ones to treasure forever. Family holidays are special occasions for everybody; it’s a time to come together, strengthen bonds and enjoy new experiences with one another. If you are planning a family holiday then consider Seychelles as your stunning holiday destination. It has got many activities suitable for both children and adults. It is a country filled with privacy, and luxury as well as health and safety ‘bubbles’ for you and your loved ones.

Seychelles has white sandy beaches, luxurious resorts and clear blue waters, however, Seychelles is also a great destination to take the children. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider spending your next family holiday in Seychelles;

The Beaches Are Very Safe

The sand is clean and powdery-soft and provides perfect conditions for playing on the beach. Many of Seychelles’ bays have an offshore reef that provides protection from the open ocean, as well as ensures shallow water depth for children. Especially at low tide, the water level is sometimes so low that adults cannot swim, but children can certainly paddle around in the shallows!

No Dangerous Animals Or Plants

Dangerous animals and plants are absent from the islands, as are weather catastrophes, because the Seychelles lie outside the hurricane zone, sparing them from bad storms. The Indian Ocean paradise is also one of the few countries in the tropics where there is no risk of malaria or yellow fever making it an ideal destination for families.

The Hotels Are Child Friendly

Many hotels in the Seychelles are child friendly as they provide Children’s Clubs with daily activity programmes that focus greatly on the local fauna and flora as well as the local way of life. From feeding Giant Tortoises to treasure hunts and painting shells, there is much fun and interaction to be had.

The Time Difference

Another reason for taking your family to the Seychelles for a holiday is that there is only a 3-hour time difference from the UK for much of the year – meaning less disruption to sleep patterns and less irritable children!

The Seychellois are lovely

The locals possess a wonderful, warm ability to welcome visitors. The Seychelles is a true melting pot – with European, African, Indian, Arabian and Asian influences – permeating all aspects of the culture from food, religion, dress and language. The result of this is a country that has no real dominant community, so everyone tends to get along just fine.

Things To Do In Seychelles As A Family

Go Scuba Diving

A trip the Seychelles wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the underwater to see the mesmerizing array of fish and coral. Children under eight can join courses that teaches them to use a mask and snorkel, while those aged 12 and older can gain their Junior PADI Open Water Diver certificate. If you don’t fancy getting your feet wet, you can always enjoy a glass-bottom boat trip.Making Seychelles Your Next Family Holiday Destination


Hit the beach

Most of the beaches here are really very safe for kids, and what better way to keep the whole family happy than by hitting the sand? Early mornings and evenings are the best time to go to avoid the heat of the day. Many beaches here get natural shade at these times from the trees lining them.


A Trip To Bird Island

A trip to Bird Island is a must for any animal-lovers where you can see Giant Tortoises, a fascinating array of birds and watch Hawksbill and Green Turtles laying their eggs.

Making Seychelles Your Next Family Holiday Destination
Image courtesy of Michael Denousse – Tourism Seychelles


Explore the botanical gardens

Spend a couple of hours at the Botanical Gardens on Mahe Island. They are beautifully kept and its an easy way to see many of the endemic plants and trees of the Seychelles

Making Seychelles Your Next Family Holiday Destination
Image courtesy of Michael Denousse – Tourism Seychelles


Try Watersports

Most hotels offer the option to renting out paddle boards, kayaks or canoes. This is a great way to get out on the water with the family and explore as well as getting some great exercise too.

Making Seychelles Your Next Family Holiday Destination
Image courtesy of Michael Denousse – Tourism Seychelles


Shop at the craft village

Take an afternoon trip to the craft village, a lovely spot to pick up authentic souvenirs as well as getting some Seychelles culture and history. The original plantation house The Grann Kaz is open to explore, and there is also a replica servants’ quarters called Lakaz Rosa. Both of these houses give a fantastic insight into life in Seychelles in times gone by.

Making Seychelles Your Next Family Holiday Destination
Image courtesy of Michael Denousse – Tourism Seychelles



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