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Water Sports In Seychelles

This week we bring to you some of the water sports to do while in Seychelles. Seychelles is a breathtaking paradise for anyone who loves water and beaches. An archipelago of about 115 different islands, Seychelles also boasts island-dotted seas, museums, art galleries, and some great sites for adventure water sports. Be it the thrill of scuba diving, the joy of surfing, or witnessing the rich coral reefs via snorkelling, the best water sports in Seychelles offer everything you’ll ever need to make your Seychelles vacation worth every penny.

Some of the most popular beaches in Seychelles where you can enjoy water sports to your heart’s content are Anse Lazio, Copolia Trail, Saint-Anne Marine National Park & Anse Royale Beach

Below are some of the water sports you can enjoy while in Seychelles


Kayaking is one of the best Seychelles activities that allow one to enjoy the open spaces, explore the beautiful mangroves, fresh air, and the feeling of being one with nature. A perfect string of pearls set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles lets you explore the beautiful coves while trying kayaking.

The best time for kayaking is between April to May, and October to November. The best kayaking hotspots include Port Launay in Mahe, the route from Round Island to Moyenne Island, Au Cap in Praslin, Takamaka in Mahe Island, and more

Photo Courtesy of Michel Denousse


Sailing is not just a source of travelling from one island to another; it is also among one of the most thrilling water sports in Seychelles. Given the favourable weather conditions and the suitable winds of the respective seasons, sailing in Seychelles can be best enjoyed on the inner islands, as sailing on the outer islands increases the risk of damaging the coral reefs.

Best time for sailing: December to March (north-westerly winds), and May to September (south-easterly winds) Best sailing hotspots: Cerf Island, St. Anne Marine National Park in Mahe, La Digue Island, Praslin, and a guided tour to the Moorings, and more

Image courtesy of Ennio Maffei

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving and Seychelles are synonymous with each other and often go hand-in-hand because this always tops the list of Seychelles activities. Considered to be the best water sport in Seychelles, scuba diving offers the most unforgettable underwater diving experiences ever.

Best time for scuba diving: April to November Best scuba diving hotspots: L’ilot, Desroches Island, St. Pierre, South Marianne Island, the Ennerdale Wreck, Brissare Rocks of Beau Vallon, and St. Anne National Park in Mahe, Aride Island, Trompeuse Rocks, and more

Image Courtesy of Chis Mason Parker


Although Seychelles does not come across as a surfing destination, surfing is one of the best Mahe water sports that is quite popular among the locals and adventure enthusiasts. Be it the longboard surfers, shortboard ones or kiteboarding, the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean offer amazing surfing spots in Seychelles to test everyone’s skills, and hone them well too.

Best time for surfing: October to December Best surfing hotspots: Anse Lazio in Praslin, Grand Anse Beach, Anse Forbans, Anse Gaulette in Mahe, Anse Patate in La Digue, and more

Image Courtesy of Michel Denousse


The best way to explore life underwater and all by yourself in Seychelles is via snorkelling, which is also one of the most adventurous things to do in Seychelles. Considered to be the second-best of all water sports in Seychelles, snorkelling takes you closer to the rich marine life to which the quixotic waters of Seychelles serve as home.

Best time for snorkelling: October to January Best snorkelling spots: Beau Vallon Bay, Sainte-Anne, Baie Ternay, and Port Launay in Mahe, Anse Source d’Argent in La Digue, Anse Lazio Beach in Praslin, and more

Enjoy An Amazing Diving Experience In Seychelles


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