Traditional Indian Jewellery By Pakeezah Jewellers

The Beauty of Traditional Indian Jewellery By Pakeezah Jewellers

The history of Traditional Indian Jewellery is not only as old as the history of India itself, but with some of the most beautiful remnants having been discovered from 5,000 years ago originating from the Indus Valley civilization (one of the four great ancient civilizations of the world). It has continuously gained its popularity throughout Indian culture, and yes holds its special place in religious devotion too. Since the Mahabharata & Ramayana times which is 7000 years ago, wearing alluring jewellery and the art of beautifying and self-purifying belief is indeed deep rooted Indian tradition. Traditional Indian jewellery has come a long way since then, with wave after wave of fashions and trends shaping the future of jewellery as we know it. Although today’s pieces may vary in size, material, weight, value and shiny and beguiling jewels ofcourse, one thing is for certain. When you’re looking for the extraordinary, that something unique, something that holds true value and can be passed down from generation-to-generation, and something that is designed with intricacy and perfectionism it truly deserves – only one name in Kenya should come to mind – Pakeezah Jewellers.

Although it may sound cliché, look for pieces that have traditional Indian design, after all that is exactly what you’re on the look-out for. However Pakeezah doesn’t just take a traditional approach, but it actually elevates it, and infuses it with they’re own take on what modern Traditional Indian Jewellery should look and feel like today. Their centrally located showroom at Stellato Mall, First Floor, Muthithi Rd., Nairobi, Kenya, is an ideal visit, and whether just perusing, or searching for that must-have piece you can wear on special occasions, or a gift for that matter for someone you one, you can always be rest assured you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and much more.

We Begin With Women’s Traditional Indian Bangles

As we were lead through the store, the manager was quick to point-out that it would be virtually impossible to list and showcase all that Pakeezah offers in traditional Indian jewellery, all at one go as there was so much, and almost instantaneously and all within sync, each team member behind the counters displayed something they had to offer in traditional Indian jewellery before them. We began with beautifully bespoke bangles, and after a learned discussion we can say, their importance and significance in Indian jewellery is nothing short of poetic. That’s right, you’ll often find bangles mentioned in popular romantic Indian literature to describe and epitomize feminine grace. So if you’re looking for poetic jewellery, then surely these amazing 22carat wrist hoops are sure to leave you in total awe.

22carat 35.5g Traditional Gold Indian Bangles
22carat 27.19g Traditional Gold Indian Bangles
22carat 34.7g Traditional Gold Indian Bangles
22carat 40.35g Traditional Gold Indian Bangles

Bold & Beautiful Traditional Indian Pendants for Men

In general as compared Indian jewellery for women, men’s traditional jewellery tends to be a little more symbolic and bold, and apart from the numerous custom-made and pre-made Kada’s you can order from Pakeezah (a well-known service here), check out these traditional one-of-a-kind men’s pendants – that are extremely popular at the moment. Let’s begin with this beautifully ornate Trishul trident pendant that is one of the principal symbols of Hinduism.

22carat Gold 5.7g Traditional Trishul Pendant 
22carat Gold 6g Traditional Om Trishul Pendant
22carat 5.1g Traditional Gold Sikh Khanda Pendant With American Diamonds
22carat 9.68g Traditional Gold Shirling Om Pendant
22carat 5.11g Traditional Antique Style Ganesh Pendant

Baby Hand Bracelets, Bangles & More

In most Indian cultures and traditions, when a child is born or has reached a special milestone it is common practice, which yes once again dates back thousands of years, to be adorned with black beaded or threaded bracelets, and yes bangles too – as protection to ward off evil spirits. This still holds true today, and Pakeezah is indeed where to go, if you want to get these specially made jewellery pieces.

22carat Gold 2.26grams Traditional Om Baby Bracelet With Traditional Black Beads
22carat Gold 4.48 grams Traditional Rudraksh Baby Bracelet With Traditional Black Beads
22carat Gold 21.4 grams Traditional Baby Bangles
22carat 8.1grams Gold Baby Bangles
22carat Gold 7.2grams Baby Bangles With Traditional Black Beads
22carat Gold 12grams Traditional Baby Bracelets
22carat Gold 6.4 grams Baby Bracelet

Hidden Treasures

At Pakeezah you truly are in jewellery nirvana, and that may just be an understatement, considering how many valuable and unique pieces there really are even behind closed doors. Here are just some of the other pieces on display, that we simply had to share.


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