Top 3 Loyal And Friendly Dog Breeds That Are Good With Children

Dog Breeds That Are Friendly With Kids

Pets are most definitely considered by every race around the globe. Dogs are the most intelligent pets. It’s no secret that a dog is a man’s best friend, however, there are breeds that are mostly considered loyal and friendly pets:

  1. German Shepherd: The German shepherd is the most intelligent yet the friendliest breed. A German shepherd is able to connect with the owner and is intelligent enough to know the bond with its owner. When it has built an unbreakable bond with its owner it becomes the most loyal and helpful pet. Most German shepherds could go on errands if they are trained, take care of infants, and protect children.

2. Dachshund: Also known as the ‘sausage dog’. Although they are small in size, they are extremely protective of their park. They are brave but can be strong-willed and Independent most of the time especially when it comes to hunting. They like to stay close to their owner’s side. They are also playful which makes them a great playmate with children.

3. Golden Retriever: They are highly responsive to training and are eager to please their humans. A Golden Retriever can play with children and take them away from danger. They are loyal and gentle with children.

Dogs are gentle with kids once they receive training. However, the above breeds are most considered by parents and are highly intelligent with kid errands. If you are looking for a family dog, these breeds would be of great adoration.


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