The Kenyan Coast Sees A Surge In Tourism Thanks To The Thriving Cruise Industry

Benefits Of Cruise Terminal To The Tourism Business In Kenya, Mombasa.

The Kenyan coast has seen a significant boost in the tourism business thanks to the growth of the cruise industry. The picturesque beaches and diverse marine life of the region have long been a major draw for tourists, but the addition of cruise ships to the mix has brought even more visitors to the area.

Cruise companies are now offering itineraries that include stops at popular Kenyan coastal destinations such as Mombasa and Malindi, providing tourists with a chance to experience the local culture and attractions while also enjoying the luxury and amenities of a cruise ship.

This has led to an increase in the number of tourists visiting the Kenyan coast, resulting in a boost for the local economy. Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses have seen a surge in revenue as a result of increased tourism.

In addition, the cruise industry has also created new job opportunities in the region, particularly in the areas of hospitality and tourism. This has helped to improve the livelihoods of local communities and contribute to the overall development of the region.

Overall, the growth of the cruise industry has been a major boon for the Kenyan coast and its tourism industry, and is expected to continue driving economic growth and development in the years to come.

On Thursday, 26th January 2023 stated that Kenya is benefiting from infrastructural development at the newly revamped cruise terminal at the port of Mombasa which has helped the destination tap into the cruise tourism segment.

So far, the destination has received 3,000 visitors in the last 2 months on board three vessels, which have docked on the new cruise terminal. Further, two more cruise ships are expected to call on the port before the end of this quarter.

While receiving 800 visitors and crew aboard the MV World Odyssey (Semester at Sea) cruise ship at the Port of Mombasa on Thursday Morning, Tourism PS John Ololtuaa said that the development of the terminal was significant with more cruise planners now targeting Kenya within their itineraries. He also noted that the return of the vessel was a testament to the appeal the destination has among international travelers.

PS Ololtuaa also said that they are delighted to have the MV World Odyssey make a second call within two months. This is a clear indicator of the growing interest by cruise companies in our destination and in particular the Coastal region which forms a key component of Kenya’s multi-dimensional tourism product. It also shows that infrastructure development is key for tourism to thrive. The expansion of airports and the road network across the county is critical for tourism to grow and thrive. He added that they want to capitalize on the niche cruise tourism market as part of Kenya’s diversified tourism marketing strategy.

PS for tourism John Olotuaa flanked by KTB Ag CEO John Chirchir during the reception of the MV World Odyssey which was making a return trip to Kenya

He also noted that cruise tourists form a crucial part of the tourism industry owing to their high spending thereby generating additional crucial revenue for the destination. The PS added that cruise tourism is a high-value market worth billions of dollars, especially for destinations that have invested heavily in the relevant infrastructure as well as marketing their destinations globally. Kenya wants to ensure that this segment continues to contribute significantly to its tourism sector as well as leverage this potential by ensuring that we diversify our maritime products. The presence of these voyagers in the country is a welcome addition to the market as we look to push tourism activities and increase tourist arrivals into the country.

The MV World Odyssey is the third cruise vessel to call on the newly refurbished Port of Mombasa cruise terminal this season. The vessel, which is owned and managed by Semester at Sea, had its maiden call to Kenya in November last year marking a return of cruise ships to the Mombasa Port since the Covid-19 pandemic. This was followed by the MS Nautica which made its inaugural Kenyan call a month later on the 25th of December 2022.

The over 2,000 voyagers on board the two vessels had an opportunity to experience products, opportunities, and attractions in Kenya including; the Bombolulu suburb, Haller Park, and Tsavo National Park as well as other city excursions that gave them an insight into the true magic of Kenya. The MV World Odyssey will be in Mombasa for six days with the voyagers expected to visit various attractions on the Kenyan coast.

On his part, Kenya Tourism Board Ag. CEO John Chirchir said that the return of MV World Odyssey to Magical Kenya shows that the destination has tourism opportunities that suit every visitor who lands in Kenya. With the enhanced experiences at the Kenyan Coast and other parts of the destination, we take pride in being able to accommodate global visitors of diverse interests and tastes. They are certain that the voyagers will enjoy their stay.

The Coastal region has witnessed an increase in the number of tourists during the festive season with hotels recording 100 percent of bookings. Cruise tourists have added to this boom, making it a very busy season for businesses and service providers within the tourism sub-sector.

The government has recently stepped up efforts to improve infrastructure and policies to ensure the tourism sector especially cruise ship operations thrive in the country. The refurbishment of the cruise ship terminal at the Port of Mombasa is one such initiative that has played a key role in enhancing port operations and creating a more attractive environment for cruise ships to call.

Video & Photo courtesy Ministry of Tourism

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