The Grilll Shack Unveils New Valley Arcade Culinary Haven

The Grilll Shack Debuts Second Kenyan Restaurant At Valley Arcade Nairobi, Kenya, August 3rd, 2023: A culinary adventure awaits as The Grilll Shack, the renowned casual dining restaurant chain, proudly announces the opening of its second Kenyan restaurant at the vibrant Valley Arcade Shopping Centre. With a vision to provide a captivating dining experience, The Grilll Shack introduces a diverse menu that harmoniously blends flavors from around the world, complementing its signature meaty cuisine. Embracing the essence of cultural fusion, The Grilll Shack invites patrons to indulge in an array of dishes that transcend borders. From sumptuous steaks and mouthwatering ribs to towering burgers crafted from 100% pure Kenyan beef, the restaurant’s menu caters to diverse palates. Starters, burritos, salads, and seafood further elevate the dining adventure. This addition marks the growth of The Grilll Shack’s commitment to offering the burgeoning Kenyan middle class a unique culinary escapade. Founded in Dubai, the restaurant boasts an urbane yet casual atmosphere, complete with an open-style kitchen that adds a dash of theatre to every meal. Trever Wagenaar, the Managing Director of Simbisa Brands, emphasized that The Grilll Shack aims to delight Kenyan diners with an exceptional meat-tasting experience. He stated, “Our predominantly meaty menu of steaks, ribs, and burgers in a casual yet industrial setting brings a unique dining concept from Dubai, infused with global influences.” The Valley Arcade launch echoes the success of the first Grilll Shack establishment at Westgate Mall in early 2019. As we embrace this exciting milestone, we also share the captivating moments that made the launch unforgettable.

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About Simbisa Brands Kenya Limited Simbisa Brands Kenya Limited owns and operates a portfolio of brands targeting consumers across all income categories, through Casual Dining and Quick Service Restaurants. Offering high levels of service and quality to customers, Simbisa Brands uses innovation to stay at the cutting edge of industry standards. Its portfolio of brands includes Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn, Galito’s, Baker’s inn, The Grilll Shack, Ocean Basket, and Vasilis. Simbisa Brands also runs convenience stores located at strategic petrol stations.

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