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Are you struggling to keep up with the constant demand and need to create fresh engaging content for potential customers, for your business, brand, products or services on social media daily?

Do you find yourself wasting countless hours on design, photography, copywriting, editing, captioning, posting on several platforms, handling online customer enquiries, and then having to repeat this process again everyday? or having to painstakingly manage and oversee an internal team to do all of the above, and still having to step-in, when you could be focussing on growing and developing your business?

Well at Eye Content KE we understand your needs. That’s why our dynamic, structured and cost- effective packages are used by some of the most successful companies in Kenya today, because our solutions are not only designed to Save You Time, Save You Costs and Save You The Hassle, but more importantly we guarantee all your social media platforms are constantly active with high- quality approved daily content, that works 365 days a year to gain you the right exposure, the right engagement and the right traction with the right target customers.

Not only do we bring to the table a collective of dedicated digital communication professionals that become an extension to your team, and all at a fraction of the cost of course, but you can now choose from 4 versatile packages, specifically designed to suit all your requirements.

Package 1: Easy ‘Copy & Paste’ Posts 365 Days A Year

Daily Content With Captions For All Social Media Platforms 365 Days A Year!

Statistics now prove that 85% or more of all your potential customers now use Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as their go-to sources of daily information. Hence creating a clear, consistent and continuous voice directly targeted at your potential customers to enquire, buy, learn more, follow and keep up-to-date with interesting insights about your company, products, brands or services you sell 365 days a year, is absolutely key in staying ahead of your competition. This Package Guarantees Daily Easy ‘Copy & Paste’ Posts For Your Products, Brands & Services On All Social Media Platforms Required 365 Days a Year!

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Package 2: Easy ‘Copy & Paste’ Posts 365 Days A Year + Experiential Monthly Photography

Everything In Package 1 + Professional Monthly Photography (Upto 60+ Photos Images Belong To You)

Whichever way you want to look at it, social media is a noisy landscape, and yes it’s all about how you stand-out from the crowd. Professional photography is a key focal point, after all its what your target customers see at first glance which invariably draws-them-in to find out more. That’s why you can now add stunning imagery to your monthly packages, with our professional yet pocket-friendly photography services designed to bring your experiences to life.

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Package 3: Easy ‘Copy & Paste’ Posts 365 Days A Year + Experiential Photography & 2 SMM Videos Monthly

Everything In Package 2 + 2 High-Impact SMM Videos (T’s &;C’s Apply)

Until now video creation has been a costly affair, although absolutely necessary in terms of reach and visibility on social media. Over posting videos and using less images has now proven to work against social media algorithms, so it is important to have a balance between the two. After extensive testing on all social platforms, and understanding the key elements required for success, we now offer a cost effective way to add 2 High-Impact Social Media Videos Per Month for Less.

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Package 4: All Of The Above & Complete Management 365 Days A Year!

Everything In Package 3 + Complete Daily Management + Enquiries and Community Management

Simply sit back, relax and approve your monthly calendars whilst your Dedicated Social Media Team manages all your social media communication needs, and yes that includes answering all your enquiries and complete community management too.

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Save yourself the costs, the resources, the time and the hassle of hiring an internal team, and then having to painstakingly manage them.

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Spend more time and focus on what matters most – your business – and connect with us today.

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