The Beauty of Bespoke Bracelets by Pakeezah Jewellers

Bespoke Bracelets by Pakeezah Jewellers

Bracelets At Pakeezah Jewellers

In this day and age personalized pieces of jewellery can say a lot about their owners, from status, to their personal taste and style, and yes dare we say it, their individual character too. Historically bracelets are one of the oldest and most charming pieces of jewellery on earth, with some known to date back to 5000 BC in ancient Egypt. From being worn as protective or lucky amulets and talismans, to being given as special milestone presents, to even in relationships from the person who gifted it, to the special someone wearing it. Whatever a bracelet means to you, one thing is for certain, this is most definitely a fashionable piece of wrist jewellery designed to express and emphasize the wearer’s individuality. When it comes to bracelets its all about unique, and no one does unique better. Welcome to customized jewellery at its finest, a space where dreamy sketches become a reality. Book your viewings and consultations today, and enjoy exclusive discounts and pricing on any of these one-of-kind bracelets below – only at Pakeezah Jewellers

Pakeezah prides itself in offering clients both customized and personalized jewellery (extremely popular), as well as an extensive selection of unique & one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces too. With an almost endless array of options to choose from (yes quite literally endless), you are always guaranteed to find something truly lustrous, something specially designed to hold value, and something that looks stylishly good too.

Women Adorn Your Wrists the Pakeezah Way

In the ladies section you’ll see everything from classic to traditional, from fashionable to chic, and as per usual all the very latest trends. We start things off with this modest, beautiful and traditional Indian Mangalsutra designed bracelet.

22carat Gold Mangalsutra Bracelet 4grams

If you’re in search of something a little more playful and endearing, check-out these amazing charm bracelets full of character

22carat Gold Charm Bracelet 22.48grams
22carat Gold Charm Bracelet 19.57grams

If looking for something that is sure to make a memorable statement, then look no further. Leave them speechless with these uniquely styled pieces imbued with clear-cut American diamonds.

22carat Gold Charm Bracelet with American Diamonds 11.43grams
22carat Gold Charm Bracelet with American Diamonds 6.05grams

Want to tone down the bling a little, but still give, wear or get a piece that maintains that ostentatious but refined look and feel – then these beautiful bracelets are sure to be an absolute head turner

22carat Gold Bracelet 9.25grams

22carat Gold Bracelet 8.45grams
22carat Gold Bracelet 6.6grams

Make A Statement with these Trendy Gent’s Bracelets

Men’s Bracelets at Pakeezah are indeed not just a statement piece as the title suggests, but are purposefully designed to be versatile and quite rightly so. These fashionable gents hand chains below cut across all genres, and can quite literally be worn with any attire. Check-out these amazing creations

22carat Gold Gents Bracelet 35.11grams
22carat Gold Gents Bracelet 21.05grams
22carat Gold Gents Bracelet 18.55grams
22carat Gold Gents Bracelet 16.14grams
22carat Gold Gents Bracelet 10.36grams
22carat Gold Gents Bracelet 5.65grams

Charming Children’s Bracelets

Whether Boy or Girl, when it comes to special milestones, there is no more valuable gift that they’ll truly cherish than a special bracelet by Pakeezah Jewellers. Designed to hold both value, look timeless & classic – check-out these bracelets that are sure to have them grinning with joy.


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