The 80/20 CEO, Mastering Profitability In 100 Days

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Unlocking Bill Canady’s Fast-Track Guide To Business Success

Title: The 80/20 CEO.

Author: Bill Canady.

Place: USA.

Publisher: Koehler Books.

Date of publication: February, 2024.

The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days is a brisk and enjoyable management manual designed to help CEOs develop what the author calls a bias for action. This nonfiction debut provides practical insights for perfecting a profitable business through better management. Bill Canady draws inspiration from his own journey. He learned the basics of leadership during his time in the U.S. Navy and later pursued an MBA at the University of Chicago. His career path led him to private equity, where he repeatedly observed the wisdom of the Pareto principle. The title of the book itself reflects this principle: Just 20 percent of what you do or spend generates 80 percent of your revenue. Canady breaks down this philosophy and its practical elements, offering actionable advice for CEOs and business leaders.

The 80/20 CEO transcends the traditional leadership narrative. It’s not merely about managing a business; it’s about taking command with precision and creating a culture of profitability and strategic growth. Canady’s playbook goes beyond theoretical concepts; it provides practical steps, tools, and frameworks for implementation. The book is liberally sprinkled with bullet points, key takeaways, and coloured insets, making it engaging and easy to digest. Canady’s witty writing style keeps readers entertained while delivering valuable insights. Whether you’re an aspiring CEO or a department head, this book offers actionable strategies to enhance your business operations. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to optimize their business operations, develop a bias for action, and achieve strategic success. Bill Canady’s insights resonate with CEOs and leaders across various sectors, making this book a valuable addition to your professional library.

Author’s Profile
Bill Canady, the CEO of OTC Industrial Technologies and Arrowhead Engineered Products, brings a wealth of experience to The 80/20 CEO. His background in the U.S. Navy, post-military career in HVAC, and subsequent journey through private equity informs the practical wisdom he shares in the book. Canady’s ability to blend common sense with wit makes this management guide both informative and enjoyable. As a reader, you’ll appreciate his candid approach and actionable advice for achieving profitable growth in your business.

Other notable works by Bill Canady include:

Earn the Right to Grow: In this book, Canady continues to explore the power of the 80/20 principle. He emphasizes that not all causes or customers are equally valuable. By focusing on the critical few aspects that truly matter, businesses can achieve significant growth.

Thinking is Required: Canady lays out a structured planning process for achieving long-term profitable growth. This book helps senior leadership align on effective resource allocation and winning strategies in the marketplace.

The Golden Triangle: Tripling equity within three years requires a coordinated effort. Canady identifies the three essential leaders: the CEO (dedicated to profitable growth), the Operators (following the process), and the Program Managers (keeping everyone on pace).

The 11 General Orders of Leadership: Leadership isn’t just about force; it’s about creating ownership. Canady explores how leaders can align their teams with the vision, fostering commitment and sustainable success.

The Art of Making Honey: A delightful fable about a struggling beehive facing critical decisions. Canady weaves business lessons into this engaging story, emphasizing adaptability and growth.

The book is found in all the leading bookshops and on online books sites.

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