Sno Sundae Sweeps Into Sarit Centre, A Sweet Symphony Of Tradition And Taste

Sno Sundae Featured with Background

Relive Nostalgia, Indulge in Tradition: Sno Sundae’s Grand Opening at Sarit Centre

Embark on a sweet journey as Sno Sundae, the legendary Ice Cream Parlour, unveils its newest home in the heart of Sarit Centre. The grand opening, marked by an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, was a joyous occasion, shared with the Go Places team.

Sno Sundae takes pride in its secret recipe, passed down through generations, promising a soft ice cream experience that stands out. What makes Sno Sundae truly distinctive is its unique offering – Soft Ice Cream. Whether in a classic cone or a stylish cocktail glass, adorned with a choice of toppings, patrons can savour the delights of this special treat.

As the doors swung open, inviting patrons to experience the magic within, Sno Sundae welcomed eager guests with the scent of freshly made ice cream and the promise of a delightful tradition.

The menu boasts an enticing array of flavours, from timeless classics like vanilla and chocolate to exotic and innovative blends. Sno Sundae promises a symphony of tastes to cater to every palate.

The grand opening at Sarit Centre not only signifies Sno Sundae’s expansion but also invites everyone to create new memories, unburdened by the past. For both new and seasoned patrons, the joy of indulgence is encapsulated in each delightful scoop.

Stay tuned as we unveil more tales from Sno Sundae, bringing you the latest updates, events, and the irresistible charm of their Corn Ice Cream. Join us in celebrating the tradition, taste, and pure joy of indulgence.

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