SKAL September Luncheon: Celebrating Unity at Carnivore

Traditions, Laughter, and Unity, SKAL’s September Luncheon at Carnivore This past Wednesday, September 13th, SKAL members gathered at the world-renowned Carnivore restaurant for their regular luncheon. The event was a perfect blend of camaraderie, gastronomy, and networking, leaving an indelible mark on all in attendance. A Tradition of Togetherness: SKAL’s Unity Toast The SKAL toast, a cherished tradition of this global organization, was carried out by none other than Gerson Misumi, the Managing Director of Tamarind Group and the host of the event. This heartfelt moment brought together members and guests, resonating with the essence of SKAL – unity through friendship and shared travel experiences. Welcoming New Members: Growing the SKAL Family The luncheon was not only a celebration of existing connections but also an opportunity to extend a warm welcome to new members. The sense of community and support was palpable, reflecting SKAL’s commitment to nurturing relationships within the travel and tourism sector. Martin Dunford’s Touch of Humor: A Tradition Preserved Martin Dunford, the Executive Chairman, added his signature touch to the event by welcoming SKAL colleagues, members, and their guests. As is customary, Martin shared a jovial anecdote, a tradition that he has maintained since Carnivore first began hosting SKAL many years ago. This lighthearted moment added a touch of warmth and familiarity to the gathering. Culinary Extravaganza: The Carnivore Experience The highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly the sumptuous luncheon curated by Carnivore’s renowned culinary team. From sizzling grills to exotic flavours, every dish was a masterpiece, a testament to the culinary artistry that defines the Carnivore experience. Excitement and Surprises: The Raffle Session The event took an exhilarating turn with the raffle session, where lucky winners walked away with fantastic prizes, adding an element of suspense and thrill to the afternoon. Laughter and cheers filled the air as each prize was claimed, enhancing the overall sense of celebration. Networking Without Boundaries: SKAL’s Power to Connect Throughout the afternoon, conversations flowed effortlessly, forging connections that promised future collaborations and innovations in the travel and tourism industry. It was a demonstration of SKAL’s ability to bring together like-minded individuals with a shared passion. A Grateful Departure: Looking Ahead with Appreciation As the afternoon concluded, attendees left Carnivore with hearts full of gratitude, new friendships, and a deeper appreciation for the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in the world of travel and tourism.  

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We are the Kenya chapter of a professional organization of tourism leaders, promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Its members, the industry’s managers and executives meet at local, national, regional and international levels to discuss and pursue topics of common interest. The first Club was founded in 1932 in Paris by travel managers, following an educational tour of Scandinavia. The idea of international goodwill and friendship grew and, in 1934, the “Association Internationale des Skal Clubs” was formed with Florimond Volckaert as its first President, who is considered the “Father of Skal”. In Kenya, the first club was founded in XYZ. Skal International today has approximately 15,000 members in 400 Clubs throughout 80 nations. Most activities occur at the local level, moving up through National Committees, under the umbrella of Skal International, headquartered at the General Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain. The Kenya chapter boasts of 123 members in Nairobi and 456 members at the Coast. Skal International is governed by an Executive Committee of six members, elected by delegates to an annual General Assembly, held during the World Congress, hosted by a different country each year. This allows members first-hand observation of the travel and tourism potential around the world.


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