SKAL Monthly Luncheon: Sharing The Vibrant Flavors Of Indian Street Food At Haandi Restaurant

July 2023 Skal Monthly Luncheon At Haandi Restaurant

On July 13th, 2023, Haandi Restaurant hosted the SKAL Monthly Luncheon, an exciting event centred around the theme of Street Foods From India. Located at the Mall Westlands, the luncheon aimed to unite food enthusiasts in a lively and vibrant atmosphere, offering them a taste of the infusion of Indian street food flavours.

Members and guests were treated to an array of tantalizing Indian street food delicacies, skillfully prepared by Haandi’s talented chefs. From spicy and flavorful chaats to vodka-infused Pani Puri and modern twists on traditional Indian recipes, the culinary experience was a feast for the senses. The event’s success was further enhanced by the support of Soys Limited, who provided delightful beverages, and Sirimon Cheese, who added a touch of indulgence with their premium cheese selections.

The luncheon commenced at 12 noon with a networking cocktail, followed by a sumptuous lunch at the Haandi banquet hall at 1 pm. Attendees were captivated by the venue’s ambience and the innovative concept created by the Haandi management and team. The ceremonial SKAL toast, led by Liz Tapawa,

SKAL President, and Pradeep Mulick, director of Haandi Restaurant, set the stage for an enjoyable afternoon. Members and guests had the opportunity to introduce one another, and the event was further enlivened by live Indian dance performances and music. The eagerly anticipated raffle draw concluded the festivities, with lucky SKAL members winning exciting prizes provided by generous sponsors.

SKAL successfully transported attendees to the bustling streets of India, immersing them in a vibrant atmosphere of cultural celebration. Lively decorations, captivating dance performances, and the aroma of fragrant spices filled the air, creating an authentic experience reminiscent of Indian street food culture. Beyond the culinary delights, the event fostered connections among attendees, providing a platform to network and bond over their shared love for food.

Soys Limited, the esteemed beverage partner, played a significant role in elevating the event experience. Renowned for their refreshing and innovative offerings, Soys Limited delighted guests with a diverse selection of beverages. From traditional Indian drinks to creative mocktails, their delightful concoctions perfectly complemented the rich flavours of street food.

Additionally, Sirimon Cheese added a touch of indulgence as the cheese partner for the event. Their premium and artisanal cheese varieties were masterfully incorporated into fusion dishes, creating a delectable blend of Indian street food and luxurious cheese. Attendees savoured the unique textures and flavours, leaving them yearning for more.

SKAL’s Street Foods From India event at Haandi Restaurant was a resounding success that left a lasting impression on all who attended. The culinary expertise of Haandi’s chefs, the refreshing beverage offerings from Soys Limited, and the luxurious touch of Sirimon Cheese came together harmoniously, creating an unforgettable experience for all. The luncheon exemplified the power of food to bring people together and create cherished memories.

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