The Just Concluded Regional Chefs And Hospitality Conference 2022

2nd Edition Of The The Regional Chefs And Hospitality Conference Was Held on 14th & 15th Dec 2022 At Sarit Expo Centre The regional chefs and hospitality conference was held at Sarit Expo Centre this week. In attendance were over 80 Chefs and Hospitality Staff, and Heads of Departments from various Hotels and Resorts in East Africa. Other invited guests included sponsors and partners. During the conference, several important topics were presented and discussed. The 2 Day Conference covered many areas : Food Safety and Hygiene, Food Costing Techniques, CV Preparation Skills, Hospitality Job hunting Skills, Hospitality Job Interview skills etc. The Regional Chefs and Hospitality Expo and Conference is Organized annually by Impact Chefs and Hospitality Academy Ltd. The next conference will be held in October 2023 Here are some of the Share Moments with Go Places

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