Sharing Moments At The Week Of Italian Cuisine In Kenya With Go Places and Chefs Delight

Italian Cuisine Week Kenya 13th to 20th November 2022 Here are some sharing moments with Go Places and Chefs Delight who have partnered with the Italian Embassy to bring you a coverage of the events as they unfold: Sunday 13th November was the first-day of the Italian Cuisine week. The main activity of the day was the Pizza Master Class for kids. The visiting Italian Chef Guiseppe Geraci had an interactive session with children at Matteo’s Restaurant, Nairobi whereby the chef showed kids how to roll out the dough and use different ingredients to make their own pizza. With the help of their parents, the kids got to bake and eat the pizzas. This was a fun family get-together event.

Here are the sharing moments with Go Places.


Monday 14th November – Master class workshop for students of Kenya Utalii College. Chef Guiseppe Geraci together with Chef Pietro Guido conducted a master class for food production students at the Kenya Utalii College Demo Kitchen. It was a masterclass on how to make pasta the Italian way with authentic Italian recipes and techniques.

Sharing moments with Go Places.


Wednesday 16th November – Chef for Chefs cooking master class took place at the famous Capital Club Kitchen and Restaurant. It brought together over 20 chefs from Hotels and restaurants across Kenya. This was a professional master cooking class where Chef Guiseppe Geraci demonstrated cooking traditional Italian techniques and tips to the chefs. The menu included starters, main course of desserts with a twist using local ingredients.

During the event, chefs got an opportunity to interact with their colleagues and peers from other hotels and restaurants and exchange ideas. Most chefs indicated that it was a great class and they would go back to their kitchens and include some of the dishes in the menu giving their clients better experiences. Attending Chefs received participation certificates presented by Mansoor Jiwani, the Director and Founder of Chefs Delight Awards.

Sharing Moments with Go Places 

Click Here for more images 16th November The Magic Yeast Exhibition. A photography exhibition by Martina Carnigila and Sara Caccineli was held on the evening of 16th November at the famous Nairobi Street Kitchen. The Exhibition was officially opened by the Deputy Ambassador Mrs. Lorenza Gambacorta. This was a one-of-a-kind photographic exhibition as all the art displayed was inversed and guests had to use their mobile phones to enhance the visibility of the photograph which turned into a colourful food dish. Guests enjoyed Italian wine and cuisine. This is a must-attend exhibition for all art lovers and anyone visiting Nairobi Street Kitchen. The exhibition continues till the 20th of November.

Here are some sharing moments with Go Places  

Click Here for more images Upcoming Events in Nairobi

Thursday 17th November from 6pm – Fine dining experiences at the Capital Club. A special menu prepared by the famous Italian Chef – Chef Guiseppe Geraci

Friday 18th November from 4 pm-5:30 pm : Chic Italian Street Food – Christmas Craft Fair to be held at the Taverna Italia-Marula Manor, Nairobi, on

Upcoming Events in Mombasa

19th of November from 12:00pm to 1:30 pm – Aperitivo Italiano – KSPCA Christmas Craft Fair- Bahari Beach Hotel, Mombasa.Limited spots  available.

20th of November – Pizza Master class For Kids. This event will happen on the last day of Italian Cuisine Week which will be at Roberto’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Mombasa.


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