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Go Places Digital: Immersed In The Spectacular IKOJNIC Club Launch!

On the 7th of May, our team at Go Places Digital had the privilege of attending the highly anticipated IKOJNIC Club launch at the prestigious Social House. As a renowned Kenyan fashion brand, IKOJN has made waves in the industry with its captivating designs and unwavering celebration of fashion. We knew we were in for an extraordinary evening right from the moment we stepped foot into the venue.

The event was a whirlwind of excitement and activity, leaving us in awe of the grandeur surrounding us. One of the highlights of the evening was the exclusive unveiling of IKOJN’s coveted Cover feature and fashion spread in the illustrious Couture Africa Magazine. Witnessing this momentous occasion firsthand filled us with immense pride, as we realized the significant impact that IKOJN has had on the fashion landscape.

As we mingled and immersed ourselves in the event, we were treated to an unforgettable experience with EABL’s Tanquery. The talented mixologists present at the launch had crafted exceptional cocktails that left our taste buds tingling with delight. The precision and creativity displayed by these mixologists were truly remarkable, adding an extra touch of sophistication and allure to the atmosphere.

The IKOJNIC Club launch was a one-of-a-kind event that left an indelible mark on our team. From the exclusive unveiling of IKOJN’s prestigious feature in Couture Africa Magazine to the exquisite Tanquery cocktails, every aspect of the evening showcased the brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation. We were privileged to witness firsthand how IKOJN’s designs transcend boundaries, captivating the fashion world with their unique charm and flair.

As Go Places Digital, we couldn’t have asked for a more exciting and invigorating experience. The IKOJNIC Club launch served as a testament to the brand’s influence and vision, inspiring us to continue showcasing the best of Kenyan fashion to the world.

Here are sharing Moments With Go Places

L-R Cris Njoki in her element with IKOJN models Trish Maina( Left) Sharlet Kimani( Right) Cris Njoki  being interviewed with NTV during the launch
L-R Guests during the Ikojn Loyalty programme launch and Partnership with NCBA and Social House celebrating  the IKOJN  win  Cris Njoki Founder and Director of IKOJN explaining about the loyalty programme launch at Social house


L-R Founder and Director of Couture Africa Olive Gachara explaining about the partnership with Ikojn and IKOJN being featured in their magazine  for the May issue EABL representative Dan Obura explaining about the partnership of EABL and IKOJN and the success of the partnership
L-R Pinky Gehlani and a fellow Ikojnic woman networking and happy during the event Guillaume Durand with Karim Montasser Country manager of Addidas and Puma during the Ikojn Loyalty Launch
L-R  Cris Njoki with guests posing for photos during the Ikojn loyalty programme launch at IKOJN   Founder and Creative Director  of IKOJN Cris Njoki  with Guillaume Durand during the Ikojn Loyalty Programme Launch at Social house.


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