SBM Bank Of Kenya’s Green Revolution, Leading The Charge In Tree Planting

Karura Forest Welcomes SBM Bank Of Kenya’s Environmental Pledge

In a remarkable display of dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability, SBM Bank of Kenya, a subsidiary of the globally acclaimed SBM Group, has taken the lead by spearheading a tree-planting initiative. The Karura tree-planting event, held on Saturday, October 28, 2023, marked a significant milestone in SBM Bank of Kenya’s ongoing commitment to combat deforestation and enhance the environment.

The event, hosted within the lush confines of Karura Forest, was graced by the esteemed presence of Shakilla Jhungeer, SBM Group Board Director. As part of a broader mission to plant 50,000 trees across Mauritius, Madagascar, India, and Kenya, SBM Group is contributing to global environmental preservation. SBM Bank of Kenya has set its sights on planting 20,000 trees during the 2023/2024 fiscal year, and to date, they have already planted 8,000 trees, reaffirming their dedication to environmental conservation. The most recent initiative involved planting 100 seedlings on October 28, 2023, at Karura Forest.

Shakilla Jhungeer, the Board Director of SBM Group, delivered an impassioned statement during the event, underlining the bank’s commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. She stated, “Our efforts extend beyond financial services. We believe in being responsible corporate citizens, and environmental conservation is at the heart of our values. The Karura tree-planting event is a testament to our commitment to the environment and our role in preserving Kenya’s natural heritage.”


Kenya, celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, has been grappling with one of the highest rates of deforestation in Africa, driven by illegal logging, forest encroachment, and unsustainable practices. To combat this concerning trend and mitigate the adverse impacts of soil and water degradation, the Kenyan government has pledged to plant 15 billion trees by 2032, with the ambitious goal of increasing forest cover by 10 percent.

SBM Bank of Kenya’s tree-planting initiative seamlessly aligns with the government’s objectives, signifying a positive step toward a greener and more sustainable future for Kenya. The bank recognizes the urgent need to protect and restore the country’s vital natural resources. SBM Bank of Kenya’s efforts are not merely a corporate responsibility but a genuine commitment to safeguarding the environment and securing Kenya’s natural legacy for generations to come.

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