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His & Her Jewellery

Let’s face it, finding a thoughtful gift for your partner is nothing short of a daunting task, and even more so on special milestones and occasions. But does it have to be? Well if you are stumped about what to get, how about some Classy His and Hers Jewellery (guaranteed to hold value and last a lifetime) from yours truly. After all, the underlining connotation of expressing your undying love to another, is to really say the best thing in life come in pairs, and what could be sweeter and more thoughtful than jewellery that goes together. I know what you’re thinking, his and hers, isn’t that abit tacky? Well it could be if you’re opting to go to just any other jeweller – but this isn’t just any other jeweller is it. No, this is the most sought-after bespoke jeweller in Kenya today and quite rightly so. Welcome to Pakeezah Jewellers, where jewellery is so much more than a shiny attribute, for couples its a pure expression of love.

Pakeezah breaks the mould when it comes jewellery design as compared to other conventional jewellers in the market today, and prides itself in offering it’s valued clientele both customized, artistic and personalized pieces (an extremely popular service at this jeweller) and an extensive array of pre-made, unique & one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces which you’ll also find on its store shelves too. With an affinity for using only the purest of raw materials and stones, whether looking for something to adorn with each other every day, something to wear together on special occasions, or something for you both look back at – whilst perusing through your shared jewellery box – one thing is for certain, what you’ll get is something truly spectacular only at Pakeezah Jewellers.

How About Matching Bracelets

As we began perusing through the His & Her Collections, our first stop, as they had mentioned are extremely popular, were the couples matching bracelets. Here are some we just had to showcase. Check-out these trendy paired ensembles

18carat Gold – His Bracelet 4.15g, Her Bracelet 2.18g
Pure Silver – His Bracelet 15.1g, Her Bracelet 4.45g

Something for a smaller remembrance, but as is, all the special none-the-less – then check out this stunning pair below

Pure Silver – His Bracelet 1.8g, Her Bracelet 2.15g

Romantic Pendants & Chains

Nothings more romantic than wearing matching pieces of jewellery that aren’t necessarily about accentuating style, but more thoughtfully worn close to each others hearts – and we couldn’t agree more. So check-out these Sensational Pendants & Chains that were simply made with couples in mind

18carat Gold – His Pendant Chain 3.3g, Her Pendant Chain 3.3g
18carat Gold Lock & Heart Pendants 2.05g
Pure Silver Heart Pendants – 2.55g

Put A Ring On It With Pakeezah Jewellers

If importance should be placed on your relationship with your significant other, then flaunt it with beautiful custom-made or unique one-of-a-kind couples ring sets by Pakeezah. From Stunning Golds, to Opulent Pure Silvers, to being set with finest American Diamonds, these rings don’t just show much you you care – they send a clear message – I Love You Now, and I’ll Love You Forever More.

So Go On, Say it with His & Her Jewellery,
Say it with Pakeezah Jewellers


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