Reigniting Kenya’s Coastal Tourism, Insights From Kenya Coast Tourism Association Convention 2023

Innovation And Progress, Highlights From Kenya Coast Tourism Association Convention Held in Malindi At Ocean Beach Resort

The recently concluded Kenya Coast Tourism Association Convention 2023, hosted at the Ocean Beach Resort Malindi and sponsored by Jambojet and Tourism Fund, was a resounding success, serving as a platform for lively discussions and innovative ideas. The convention revolved around the theme, “Rekindling Kenya Coast Tourism Experience Through Innovation & Synergy,” and brought together key stakeholders, experts, and visionaries from the tourism and hospitality industry.

 One of the pivotal discussions revolved around the critical need to mainstream youth opportunities and human resource innovation in the tourism and hospitality industry. Participants deliberated on strategies to engage and empower the youth, as well as foster innovation in the sector, ensuring it remains vibrant and adaptable to evolving market demands.

 The convention also explored the issue of tourism levies and the importance of investment in the destination. Experts and delegates engaged in dialogues about sustainable funding models and how they can be channelled to benefit local communities and infrastructure, ensuring a harmonious relationship between tourism and its host destination.

 Regional air connectivity was another key topic of discussion, focusing on improving transportation links within the region. The emphasis was on enhancing accessibility, making the coastal destinations more appealing to domestic and international tourists.

 A dedicated panel, consisting of industry experts including Frida Njeri of Lamu Tourism Association, Mohammed Hersi of DHOA, Philemon Mwavala, MD of Southern Sky, Hasnain Noorani CEO of Prideinn Group, Tasneem Adamji, MD of African Quest, and Maureen Awuor, GM of Ocean Beach Resort, discussed regional tourism advocacy issues, challenges, and opportunities. This insightful session addressed critical concerns and opportunities within the coastal tourism sector.

 Representatives from the Coast County Governments of Kilifi, Tana River, and Lamu made compelling remarks, outlining their commitment to destination tourism investment, marketing promotion, and the broader Kenya Coast Tourism investment agenda. Their contributions underscored the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive tourism growth.

The event ended with an inspiring address by H.E. Gideon Mungaro, Governor of Kilifi County which was presented by Hon. Clara Chonga CECM Tourism – Kilifi County. His address underscored the significance of the convention in promoting and enhancing the coastal tourism experience.

The KCTA convention 2023 catalyzed revitalizing the Kenya Coast tourism experience, fostering innovation, and addressing key industry challenges. The commitment and dedication of all participants, combined with the valuable insights shared, promise a brighter future for coastal tourism in Kenya. This event was indeed a significant step towards rekindling the allure of Kenya’s magnificent coastal destinations.

Here Are Moments From The Convention:



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