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7 Reasons Why People Choose Nyange Adventures

One of your biggest decisions, when you want to take a trip to Tanzania, is which company to go with. Over the 10 years of being in the industry, we have been the choice for many new and returning tourists in Tanzania. Looking at our online and offline reviews, we have come up with 5 points that many travelers stress about how they felt about Nyange Adventures. Their decision to choose us corresponded with the treatment they received from us. Below are the top 5 reasons why people choose Nyange Adventures:

1. Personalized contact: Even though we deal with many clients, we ensure each client is treated uniquely and according to his or her goals. Attention to detail is at the heart of our first contact with the clients, and it continues during the tours. We want you to feel welcome and worry about nothing as we take care of everything, even those that seem very little things. 2. We are proud of what we do: From the first contact with our travel consultants to the guides, you can feel that you have met people who really love to share with you the beauty of the country. We will answer all your questions, and go extra mile to ensure we exceed your expectation because it means a lot for us to do what we do the right way; it is our pride to ensure you feel something different from meeting us. 3. Ethical tours: As a company, we offer decent wages and salaries, we ensure all porters and guides work in a conducive environment. We are a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) which oversees that its members practice ethical Mount Kilimanjaro climbing. 4. Professional and well-experienced guides: Our guides are certified and they continue to receive regular training to update their skills and acquire new needed skills. Most of them have working experience of over 10 years in guiding service. When it comes to Mount Kilimanjaro, they know every trail, and every possible challenge and have reached the summit over 300 times. On Safari, they literally live in the jungle. They know every road and all the animals. This is why our summit success rate is 98% whereas, for Safari, clients usually come back happy having seen all of their favorite animals. 5. Quality equipment and vehicles: Our camping equipment such as tents, chairs, and tableware are of excellent quality. Our safari jeeps are in great condition, they all receive regular checkups and maintenance. We recently rebranded our vehicles and improved their working capacity to ensure the maximum experience for our clients. Whenever there is a car breakdown (normally such as a tire puncture), our professional guides know how to handle such situations very well. 6. We are responsive We are on major social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. We are also on YouTube and Tiktok. These platforms help us engage with our past, current, and upcoming clients. Our email account also is available. All this effort is to ensure we can respond to you as quickly as possible. 7. With Nyange Adventure, there is flexibility There are many cases where clients opted for changes in their itineraries and we gladly accepted and helped them reach their goals. We have also been able to help clients join safari and climbing groups at the last minute. Sometimes we would let a client who seeks a safari day trip join a group of clients who are on a 4-day safari trip for a group trip to the national park that both the existing group and new client are scheduled to attend on a specific day.

Final word Now you know why other people choose Nyange Adventures, it is about time you do the same. Contact us at to inquire about the tour you wish to take in Tanzania. Visit our TripAdvisor page to read for yourself what other travelers like you say about Nyange Adventures. Click here to go to our Trip Advisor page.


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As a company, our primary focus is on organizing tours with an ethical and eco-friendly approach.

Community Involvement Nyange Adventures support a number of community organisations through regular donations, The projects which we support include:
  • A home for the elderly
  • A centre for street children
  • A life skill training programme for adolescents.
Fair & Ethical Climbs We are proud members of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program (KPAP) and IMEC. These organisations ensure that every climb provides fair salaries, food, clothing and sleeping conditions for crew members. Environmentally Responsible We work with Carbon Tanzania on a project which ensures the safekeeping of Africa’s precious Umbrella Thorn Acacia trees and prevents 1 tonne of carbon from being released into the atmosphere through deforestation.   Meet Praise Nyange, Managing Director I grew up in a small village called Marangu where Kilimanjaro was in our backyard. As a young boy, I loved exploring the local waterfalls and mountain trails. Fast forward a few decades to now when I am the director of Nyange Adventures Ltd, an ethical company which has organised thousands of tailormade African adventures.   “A successful business shouldn’t be an individual rising to the top. It should be about lifting up a whole community, its children and its elders”  – Praise Nyange    

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