Pretty Custom-Made Pendants by Pakeezah Jewellers

Pendants by Pakeezah Jewellers

Custom-Made Pendants by Pakeezah Jewellers

Pendants are simply perfect when you want to elevate your outfits, or bring more elegance, energy, style and flair to your attire. Whether you’re searching for something to be worn on special occasions, or something to be worn more often (or for everyday wear for that matter), there is an almost innate charm and power to wearing an ornate and beautiful piece around your neck – and quite rightly so. Wearing beguiling pendants, a practice that yes dates back to the stone age and right throughout history, is probably where our love and lust (should we dare say) for today’s gleaming, unique and bejewelled pendants come from. And when it comes to custom-made and purposefully designed, jewellery pieces that enhance your individual character & style, no one does it better. So go on, book your viewings and consultations today, and enjoy exclusive discounts and pricing on any of these one-of-kind creations below and more – only at Pakeezah Jewellers

Pakeezah Jewellers prides itself in offering clients both personalized jewellery creations (an extremely popular service at this artisanal jeweller), as well as an extensive selection of unique one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces on display too. With an endless array of trinkets and amulets, and with the help and guidance of the jewellery boffins behind the counter-tops at Pakeezah, you can be rest assured to find something that is truly lustrous, holds its worth, and looks stylishly profound too.

Luxurious Ladies Pendants – An Extensive Array Awaits

Apart from the countless ladies embellishments on display, the warm alluring hues of the 22carat gold pendants slowly but surely drew us in, and our findings; you are sure to end up with something truly spectacular that seamlessly matches your personal character and style whatever the season or occasion may be. Don’t believe us, well simply take a look at just some of what we uncovered in their ladies section. We begin with this exquisite and intricate gold heart-shaped pendant that will accentuate your beautiful skin tone and what you wear.

22carat Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant with American Diamonds (4.13grams)

One of the most popular asks in jewellery stores globally, are the evil eye protection pendants, and as usual you can expect Pakeezah to take this trend to whole new levels. Check-out just some of their selected pieces below:

22carat Gold Evil Eye Protection Pendant with American Diamonds (3grams)

A little less on the diamonds on the eye, but still mysteriously alluring? Not to worry, Pakeezah has always got you covered.

22carat Gold Evil Eye Protection Pendant (2grams)

Beautify your neck with this breath-taking gold spiral, which is a great for adding pizzazz to those bright and colourful outfits worn during extra special occasions.

22carat Gold Spiral Pendant with American Diamonds (4.83grams)

Another beauty embedded with diamonds is this arousing floral pendant, which impeccably highlights the wearers love for flowers and the finer things in life

22carat Gold Floral Pendant with American Diamonds (2.55grams)

An extremely popular, timeless and chic look and feel can be achieved with this outstanding gold sphere speckled with (yep you guessed it), flawless American diamonds too.

22carat Gold Sphere Pendant with American Diamonds (1.1grams)

If you’re in the mood for a little more subtle but memorable, then you’re in the right place. Check-out some of these on display below.

22carat Gold Double Heart Pendant (2.59grams)

Not so girly as everyone makes you out to be? Well, how about you wear it boldly on your neck

22carat Gold Anchor Pendant (2.59grams)

Row After Row of Men’s Talismans, Amulets and Much More

Specializing in the creation of bespoke custom-made jewellery for clients, we got a unique insight into what customers are ordering from Pakeezah Jewellers. Here are just several ones we managed to capture on camera, before they were picked-up.

22carat Gold Khanda Pendant (5.1grams)
22carat Gold Eagle Pendant (8.03grams)
22carat Gold Trishul Pendant (5.7grams)
22carat Gold Om Trishul Pendant (6grams)
22carat Gold Ganesh Antique Style Pendant (5.11grams)
18carat Gold Cross Pendant (1.2grams)
22carat Gold Shirling Om Pendant (9.68grams)
22carat Gold Anchor Pendant (1.75grams)

So What’s Trendy in the Teenagers Section

Again with exclusive back stage passes at this artisanal jeweller, the teams managed to capture these one-of-a-kind pendants before they took their prominent positions in the teenager section of the store. That’s right, this pendant collection at Pakeezah is particular popular at the moment, as they make the ideal gift for special milestones and birthdays (and yes these pieces hold their value too)

22carat Gold Apple Pendant with American Diamonds (2.13grams)
22carat Gold Butterfly Pendant with American Diamonds (1.17grams)
22carat Gold Heart Butterfly Pendant with American Diamonds (1.65grams)
22carat Gold Yin-Yang Pendant with American Diamonds (1.02grams)
22carat Gold Sunflower Pendant with American Diamonds (1.18grams)
22carat Gold Evil Eye Protection Pendant with American Diamonds (2grams)
22carat Gold Dolphin Pendant (1.94grams)

Personalise your Favourite Chains with these Gorgeous Pendants Above and Many More

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