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Point Of Sale Software: Restauranteurs’ Treat For Modern Consumers

Point-of-sale solutions have evolved into taking significant positions in most businesses. This has led them to play a role than just being simple cash settlements into smart service solutions, with the power to fundamentally change businesses. Specifically, POS has become such an integral part of hospitality businesses that according to Fit Small Business, a new POS is a priority for 32% of restaurants this year. Further, Statista reports that the mobile POS market value is expected to reach $4,650,556 million by 2025.

Although POS sales skyrocketed during the lockdown as a solution for staff shortages and contactless business needs, it is now becoming a solution for the needs of the new age of socializing; for the influx of bookings and diversified customer preferences that are emerging.

The emergence of socializing needs post-lockdown means guests and staff alike want connectivity, mobility, accessibility, and intuitiveness from POS solutions. This means businesses are looking for one-stop integrated solutions that can manage all revenue streams whilst reducing guest pain points and providing them with enhanced experiences.

To keep modern guests satisfied, the ideal point-of-sale solution must have the following features combined effortlessly into a central platform.

  1. Convenience and safety: Modern consumers expect their transactions to be safe, and the data they share with restaurants to be private. The ideal POS software is not about only accepting cash and card and enabling foreign currency settlements but also ensuring that all customer Personally Identifiable Information is safe against breaches and their privacy is protected.
  2. Efficiency and diversification: Working structures of the new age are more fluid with remote working setups and businesses expanding into multiple venues. Restaurants will need a flexible option that offers cloud or hybrid solutions to work effortlessly with their remote staff and control multiple outlets. The perfect POS software should also have the ability to integrate seamlessly with other solutions like online ordering, table booking, material management, etc in order to make operations easier for the staff.
  3. Automation of POS operations: Automation has been the solution for staff shortages, labor burnout, and operational bottlenecks for a while. Point-of-sale software with automated end-of-day reporting, real-time insights, and prompts will help staff make data-driven decisions, meet deadlines efficiently and be vigilant in their operations.
  4. Speed and accuracy: The right POS solution combines speed with precision and doesn’t compromise the quality of operations as responsibilities increase. For instance, it should enable waiters to communicate remotely with the kitchen, change, update, and cancel orders as per customer needs, and offer the best dining experience.
  5. Personalization: Modern guest expectations always lead to the personalization of services and reducing their pain points. Ideal POS solutions must facilitate businesses to access relevant customer data, predict their buying patterns based on past interactions and run personalized promotions, suggest combo sales, and give loyalty points and discounts to entice more purchases.

The hospitality industry has gone through many challenges and trends that businesses need to be on track with to satisfy market needs. Adjusting the businesses for labor shortages and adapting to new trends like revenge socializing, diverse dietary preferences and a generation of guests that got overly used to contactless environments are a few things the industry has tirelessly tried to implement. This had led to many hoteliers hunting for ideal smart solutions which have in turn challenged the hotel software industry.

Hospitality businesses need nothing short of perfection to keep their patrons happy and loyal. A smart POS solution will provide the best fit for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and give their customers the level of sophistication they expect.

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