Navigating Failure, Amy Edmondson’s ‘The Science Of Failing Well’ Unveiled


Book Of The Week –Embracing Setbacks, A Deep Dive Into Amy Edmondson’s Exploration Of Failure

Title:The Science of Failing Well

Author:Amy Edmondson

Place: USA

Publisher:Atria Books

Date of Publication: September 2023


 In “The Science of Failing Well,” Amy Edmondson, a renowned expert in organizational behaviour, delves into the transformative power of failure in fostering innovation and growth. Drawing on a rich tapestry of real-world examples, Edmondson explores how individuals and organizations can navigate the complexities of failure to cultivate a culture of psychological safety. From high-stakes industries to everyday work environments, the book offers a compelling narrative on how embracing failure can lead to resilience, learning, and ultimately, success.


Edmondson provides actionable insights, backed by rigorous research, challenging the conventional fear associated with failure and advocating for a mindset shift that redefines failure as a powerful catalyst for improvement. Edmondson’s exploration of the science behind failing well is a refreshing departure from the typical discourse on success. Through a blend of compelling anecdotes and data-driven insights, she weaves a narrative that celebrates failure as an inherent part of the innovation process. The book is a beacon for leaders seeking to foster a culture of continuous improvement and resilience within their organizations. Edmondson’s writing style is accessible, making complex concepts digestible for both seasoned leaders and those navigating the early stages of their careers. The emphasis on psychological safety as a cornerstone for fostering innovation adds a valuable dimension to the discussion. “The Science of Failing Well” is not just a book; it’s a guide for transforming setbacks into stepping stones toward excellence.

Author’s Profile

 Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, is a distinguished scholar and author specializing in organizational behaviour, leadership, and team dynamics. Apart from “The Science of Failing Well,” her notable works include “Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy.” Edmondson’s research and writings have significantly contributed to shaping conversations around psychological safety, teaming, and the role of failure in fostering innovation. Her diverse body of work continues to inspire leaders and organizations globally to embrace a culture of learning and adaptability.

Amy Edmondson’s publications extend beyond academia, making her a thought leader whose insights resonate across various industries. As a prolific author, Edmondson’s commitment to bridging research and practice positions her as a guiding force in the realms of leadership, organizational learning, and the transformative potential of failure.

The book is found in your nearest bookshops today and on online books sites.


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