Glamour Unleashed At Nairowua’s Fashion Fridays & Date Night Wednesdays


Fashion Fridays & Date Night Wednesdays: Unveiling Style and Romance at Nairowua Cafe Bar

Dive into the world of style at Nairowua Cafe Bar’s Fashion Show Friday on Jan 12th 2024 starting 7pm. Embark on a journey of style and sophistication at Nairowua Cafe Bar with our upcoming events. “Fashion Show Fridays” promise an exploration of the hottest looks and a celebration of individual style.

With live band entertainment, the runway comes alive with creativity. Enjoy the evening bathed in enchanting lights as you sip on two for the price of one cocktails at only Ksh.1100 , elevating your Friday night to a blend of fashion, music, and distinctive flavors at Nairowua. Unleash your style and join us for a night of chic revelry.

Every Wednesday transforms into a romantic escape with “Date Night,”. Indulge in romantic rendezvous at Nairowua Cafe Bar every Wednesday beginning January 17th 2024 from 7pm. Elevate your date night with live music, creating the perfect ambiance for couples.

Enjoy a delightful offer as two expertly crafted cocktails are served for the price of one. Revel in an evening of love, laughter, and live tunes, making Wednesday nights  the epitome of sophistication and charm for couples seeking a memorable experience.

For reservations call: +254 703147758

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