Nairobi Serena's Herbs & Spices Earns Esteemed Thai SELECT Classic Status

Herbs & Spices Restaurant Attains Thai SELECT Classic Recognition

In a celebration of culinary excellence, the aroma of Thailand wafted through the Nairobi Serena Hotel’s Herbs & Spices Restaurant on the morning of August 29th, 2023. The occasion marked a remarkable achievement as the restaurant was bestowed with the prestigious Thai SELECT Classic Certification. More than a mere honour, this accolade signifies authenticity and a true embodiment of Thai flavors.

Presented by Mr. Natthapong Senanarong, Minister Consular (Commercial) of the Royal Thai Embassy in Nairobi, the Thai SELECT Classic Certification is a testament to Herbs & Spices Restaurant’s commitment to genuine Thai cuisine. Under the masterful guidance of Chef Polsak Intara-O-Sot, a distinguished Thai cuisine expert, and his dedicated team, the restaurant has artfully transformed its kitchen into a gateway to Thailand.

Adorned with the Thai SELECT Classic emblem, Herbs & Spices Restaurant ensures that each plate served encapsulates the diverse and rich flavors of Thailand. This recognition not only offers diners a culinary voyage but also solidifies the restaurant as a shining example of Thai gastronomic brilliance in Nairobi. As the restaurant continues to tantalize taste buds, it stands as a radiant beacon of Thai culinary tradition in the heart of the city. Congratulations to Herbs & Spices Restaurant on this remarkable achievement!

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