Moonstruck Melodies, Kendwa’s Night Of Rhythm And Revelry

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The Ultimate Full Moon Experience In Zanzibar

Get ready for an electrifying experience under the luminous Zanzibar moon! On the pristine shores of Kendwa Beach, where the waves whisper secrets and the stars twinkle in approval, lies a magnificent resort, the Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel. On April 20, 2024, from dusk till dawn, they invite you to their Full Moon Party. An event that transcends mere celebration and becomes a magical journey.

Since 1996, the Full Moon Party has been etched into the sands of Kendwa. The clear full moon night, a circle of friends, and guests gathered around a beach fire. The air crackles with anticipation, and the rhythm of drums beckons everyone to dance. It was here, on this sacred night, that a tradition was born – a tradition that has grown alongside this magnificent hotel. As the moon rises, so does the energy. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

7 PM: BBQ Buffet Dinner
Savour a sumptuous feast by the beach. Their chefs have curated a mouthwatering BBQ buffet that blends flavours with the salty breeze. Let your taste buds dance!

8 PM: The Rhythmic Prelude
The party kicks off! Feel the sand beneath your feet as DJs spin tunes that resonate with the heartbeat of Africa. The dance floor awaits – lose yourself in the music.

11 PM Onwards: Celestial Headliners
Brace yourself for the crescendo. The headlining artists – including DJ TJ, Maha, and the mesmerizing Celly – will weave melodies that echo across the ocean. Their beats will lift you higher, connecting you to the cosmos.

VIP & VVIP Experiences

For those seeking an elevated experience, there is a VIP and VVIP table bookings. Imagine sipping cocktails under the moon’s watchful eye, surrounded by lush greenery. Contact us via WhatsApp at +255 773 342 312 to secure your spot.

Don’t miss out! Scan the QR code below to purchase your online tickets. Let the moonlight guide you – it’s time to dance, laugh, and create memories that linger like stardust.

Join us on this magical night where waves kiss the shores, and souls dance freely. At Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party, every beat is a story, and every note is an experience waiting to unfold.

See you under the moon!

For table bookings, call +255 773 342 312 or Email:

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