Make Your Festive Holiday Exciting At The Forest

The Forest

Answer The Call Of Adventure

Your innate sense of discovery should lead you to The Forest. Enjoy exciting activities and healthy delicacies as you take in the views of the Aberdare ranges.

Here Are Some of Activities For You To Enjoy

Horse Riding

The Forest on a horse back WOW! From first timers to expert riders…


Ever fantasized about being Robin Hood or in the hunger games? Grab a bow and arrow and see if you can hit the bull’s eye! Our experienced instructors will train you to become a master archer on our dedicated range. Warning!! Archery can be addictive.

Mountain Biking

The Forest

Enjoy kilometres of enchanting trails in nature. Inhale crispy mountain air and sweeping views on our mountain bikes. Our qualified instructors will fit you into the right mountain bike and helmet.


Feel the rush of a world class adventure as you fly a total of 2.2 Kilometres over spectacular views of forest canopies, guided by professional instructors maintaining the highest European Union Safety standards regulations, with a carrying capacity of a maximum weight of 115kg and minimum height of 1.4m.

Did you know..our oldest zippers were 84 year old male and 81 year old for female!


Pick your team, get kitted out and start dodging.. Shoot or be spluttered in sticky paint in the most exhilarating activity at The Forest.


Do you want that extra zing? Try our newest first ever Electric bikes to be offered in East Africa, ride through those banked corners with that extra jolt of power.

Forest Rovers

Discover your adventurous side by zooming through The Forest on our off road capable Forest Rovers giving you a rush of adrenaline, guided by professional instructors while maintaining the highest level of safety and fun.

Take a few minutes to practice riding and you are ready to go.

Nature Walks

Inspiring and informative, a guide leads you through the forest and reveals its secrets.

Tree Planting

Give back to the future by planting indigenous trees

Fly Fishing

Love for fish comes alive at the Gatamaiyo River. Bring your own fishing gear and cast your rod to make a catch. Best done in the morning when the fish are hungry


Play a game that combines the distinction, elegance and precision of Golf with the passion, energy and fun of football in a marvelous sport full of life. Try your best shot and putt a football with the fewest kicks possible.

CHALLENGE; Can you get a hole in one?


Enjoy star-lit nights at The Forest in a serene and secure environment sitting round a campfire. Each camp site has its own guards, fire-wood, pit latrines and bush showers. Make your camping experience memorable!

Team Building

“The strength of each member is the Team”.
With our custom made activities we facilitate coming together as a family, group of friends and
enhance cohesiveness and team work in the office.

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