Make Money While Saving The Planet With Green Entrepreneurship

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How To Launch A Successful And Eco-Friendly Business

Sustainability is no longer a trend. It is a necessity and an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the environment and society, while also generating revenue and profit. Kenya for instance, is a vibrant and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, with many opportunities for creating sustainable solutions that can improve the lives of people and the planet. What if there was a way to turn food waste into something useful, such as fertilizer and fuel? What if there was a population that is willing to pay more for sustainable products and offerings?

Here are some examples of successful and innovative green startups that you can learn from if you are looking for some inspiration and ideas on how to start a sustainable business in 2024:

Farmdrop: This is an online platform that connects consumers with local and organic food suppliers. They deliver fresh and seasonal food from farms and producers to people’s doors, reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation and supporting local food systems. Farmdrop is creating a more transparent and sustainable food chain.

EcoMaids: This is a franchise offering green cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. They use eco-friendly products and practices to clean homes and businesses, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and saving water and energy. EcoMaids is providing a healthier and safer environment for their customers and employees.

CompostNow: This company collects food scraps from households and businesses and turns them into compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used for gardening and farming. Customers can either get some of the compost back for personal use, donate it to a local community garden, or earn credits to purchase other products made from compost, such as biogas and biochar. CompostNow is helping to reduce the environmental impact of food waste and create a circular economy.

EcoAct: This consultancy offers solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation. They work with businesses and organizations to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, improve their environmental performance, and achieve their sustainability goals. EcoAct is enabling its clients to become more resilient and competitive in a low-carbon economy.

Kings Technical Services & Supplies: They provide services in environmental, security, occupational safety, and health management. They help their clients comply with the relevant laws and regulations, as well as improve their efficiency and productivity. Kings Technical Services & Supplies is enhancing the quality and safety of their clients’ operations.

Grassroots Economics Foundation: This non-profit organization empowers communities to create their own digital currencies that can be used to exchange goods and services locally. They use blockchain technology to create transparent and secure transactions that can improve the livelihoods and resilience of the poor. Grassroots Economics Foundation is creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

These are just some of the many sustainable startups in Kenya that one can borrow from. However, if you want to start your own green business, you will need to identify a problem or opportunity that you are passionate about, research the market and the competition, develop a unique and viable solution, and test and validate your idea with potential customers. You will also need to secure funding, build a team, and market your product or service.

With the above knowledge, Here are some of the sustainable ideas that you can actualize:

Solar panel manufacturer – you can venture into producing energy-saving panels for homes and businesses.

Plant delivery service – you start an eco-friendly small business that sources and delivers plants to people or businesses that will help clean the air around them.

Open a used bookstore – you can set up a recycling centre for old books at a friendly price. You could do this either physically or virtually.

Green gift shop – as discussed, green products are a selling point. Why not open a store full of them?

Sell bicycles – one way to reduce carbon emissions is to reduce the number of people driving cars. One way to do that is by encouraging more people to ride bicycles.

Energy-efficient car sales – undoubtedly, people still want to drive cars. Why not sell more environmentally friendly car options?

Open a consignment – a lot of people get rid of an uncountable number of clothes each year, what if you start recycling old clothes to reduce the carbon footprint of each clothing material.

Manufacture or sell eco-friendly fashion design – many designers are making clothing from sustainable materials. You could be one of them, or you could sell them.

Environmental blog – Publish information and news about climate change and subjects of interest to the environment. Reap advertising payouts from your visitors while informing the public.

Advertising agency specializing in green business – with all the new green businesses and initiatives taking shape, there’s a need for someone to know how to bring all the good they’re doing to a large audience, you could start a green business advertising agency.

Give bicycle tours – you could give bike tours in your city as they are way more environmentally friendly than big bus tours or long joy rides.

Eco-travel planner – Plan eco-friendly travel destinations and activities for tourists.

Sustainable events planner – you could offer event planning services that guarantee a reduced carbon footprint from the event.

Starting a sustainable business is not easy, but it is rewarding and worthwhile. You can make a difference for the environment and your society, while also creating value and impact for yourself and your stakeholders. If you are ready to take the leap and join the green revolution, now is the time to act. The World needs more sustainable entrepreneurs like you.


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