Magical Night At The Midsummer Night’s Dream Ballet Performance

Sharing Moments With The Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance Held At The Kenya National Threatre

Midsummer Night’s Dream is a ballet inspired by William Shakespeare’s classic play with the talented Cooper Rust at the helm as Artistic Director took place at the Kenya National Theatre from February 10th to 12th and was an unforgettable magical experience.

Here are some of the moments in the event:

Midsummer Night Dream’s Prologue:

In a mythical period in a remote and romantic city-state, the Duke, Theseus, and his bride-to-be, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, are entreated to allow Hermia to marry Lysander, her true love, instead of Demetrius, her father’s choice. Hermia begs, but Theseus refuses. He demands that she marry Demetrius or be banished. Lysander also pleads his case and reminds the Duke that Demetrius is deserting his true love, Helena, to marry Hermia. The entreaties are to no avail. The Duke is adamant. Hermia must marry Demetrius.

Lysander and Hermia bewail their sad fate. They are truly star-crossed lovers. They decide to escape the Duke’s jurisdiction and marry outside his realm. They tell Helena of their plans and flee to the enchanted wood. Helena, truly in love with Demetrius, and blinded by the falsity of his love, tells him of Lysander and Hermia’s plans. He rushes to the wood after them. Helena follows, ever hopeful of regaining her love’s affection.

Nick Bottom and his fellow rustics arrive, looking for a place to have a picnic and make plans for the entertainment they will be providing for the Duke’s wedding.

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Since then Dance Centre Kenya has grown to become Kenya’s pre-eminent dance school with over 500 students taking classes in the three DCK studios (Karen Hardy, Lavington, and Rosslyn) and approximately 1,000 more
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The breadth of support and involvement of artists and ballet lovers both locally and abroad has been humbling. The initial performance on a makeshift stage in the gardens of the Purdy Arms without tutus has now transformed into the spectacular ballets audiences have grown to expect on the stage of the Kenya National Theatre. The Nutcracker at Christmas time has become an annual tradition on the Nairobi social calendar and now includes collaboration with the Nairobi Philharmonic Orchestra and visiting international conductors and guest musicians. The magnificent stage sets and costumes delight time and again with a repertory that includes Cinderella, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and now Romeo and Juliet with returning DCK students who have been training abroad.

Throughout the pandemic, DCK has continued to provide its students with world-class dance and gymnastics training whether through virtual learning or live class in our three studios across Nairobi. All of this culminated with a first-time back-on-stage virtual recital held in June of 2021.

From DCK’s inception, there has been a commitment to reaching into the Kenyan community and finding talented students, irrespective of their ability to pay for training. DCK’s sponsorship program, in conjunction with American charity Artists for Africa, has already affected the lives of many future dancers from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are honored to have both generous local and international sponsors for these talented dancers and for the past five years, a number of our students have traveled to the U.S. to train in South Carolina while others have been accepted in summer intensives in Europe. Some of DCK’s sponsored students are now in full-time dance training programs abroad and others are in colleges and universities using the skills gained from their dance training to pursue their own dreams. Most recently Joel Kioko, one of DCK’s first sponsorship students, has been given a contract to dance with the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago for their 2021- 2022 season. With a training program based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus and annual examinations, as well as multiple performance opportunities, DCK provides aspiring dancers with so much more than just technical training.

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