Magical Kenya Travel Expo DAY 3

Magical Kenya Travel Expo DAY 3 Sharing Moments

Magical Kenya Travel Expo Day 3 was quite eventful! Some of key points covered included:

  • The separation between tech and travel and how we need to bring these two together so we can innovate and provide better services and experiences for consumers, as addressed by Sam Gichuru – Nailab
  • Nairobi was one of the first 12 cities in which launched its experiences feature. These experiences are “activities or excursions run by passionate locals.
  • Corcoran highlighted that Africa should have a larger market share in tourism but one of the biggest challenges in Africa is that “Africans don’t travel, and Africans don’t travel within Africa,” said Corcoran.

Here Are Some Of The Sharing Moments


Sharing is Caring :)

Sharing is caring. :)

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