KTB And Bata’s Joint Initiative Ignites Local Tourism


Discover Kenya Anew: Unleashing Hidden Gems

Nairobi, Tuesday 5th March 2024 – In an exciting collaboration between the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) and footwear retailer Bata, 10 lucky Kenyans have been awarded fully paid Easter holidays. The initiative, aptly named #TembeaKenyaNaBata, aims to ignite domestic travel and showcase Kenya’s hidden gems.

The winners, chosen through the campaign, will embark on unforgettable journeys across the country. From pristine beaches to wildlife conservancies and luxury safaris, these lucky travelers will explore Kenya’s diverse landscapes.

KTB Ag CEO John Chirchir (third left) and Bata MD Benson Okumu (second right) presents a holiday award to one of the winners. The joint campaign is aimed at spurring domestic travel

John Chirchir, KTB A.G. CEO, emphasized the campaign’s impact: “This partnership with Bata enables us to showcase the best of what Kenya has to offer. Kenyans are yearning for new experiences within their own country, and we’re thrilled to stoke that appetite for local tourism.” TembeaKenyaNaBata is their chance to discover hidden gems; from wildlife conservancies to luxury safaris.

Bata CEO Benson Okumu echoed this sentiment: “Our commitment extends beyond footwear. We’re proud to contribute to Kenya’s tourism industry by encouraging domestic travel. TembeaKenyaNaBata is more than a campaign; it’s a celebration of our nation’s beauty.” By teaming up with the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), Bata aims to ignite a love for local travel.

As the winners pack their bags, the rest of us can follow their journey virtually. Let’s celebrate Kenya’s hidden treasures together. Whether it’s a coastal escape, a wildlife adventure, or a cultural immersion, let TembeaKenyaNaBata inspire us all. Whether you’re in Bata sandals or sneakers, let’s walk together. Kenya awaits, and every step counts.

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