Kenya Tourism Board Leverages Key Sports Events To Boost Tourism

Some of the players who participated in the 2024 Magical Kenya Ladies Open when they visited Haller Park courtesy of KTB

Teeing Up Tourism: Kenya’s Golf Events On The Global Stage

Kilifi County, Sunday 11th February 2024 – The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has hailed international sports events held in the country as strong brand visibility builders on a global level. These events not only showcase Kenya’s natural beauty but also attract global audiences through live television broadcasts. The star power of elite sports personalities further enhances Kenya’s appeal beyond the sporting arena.

Some of the players who participated in the 2024 MKLO experienced attractions at the Coast

Speaking as the agency treated some of the Ladies European Tour (LET) golfers with excursions in key attractions at the Coast, at an event dubbed The International Sports Events Strong Tourism Brand Builders, KTB Ag. CEO John Chirchir stated, “International events have long been a conduit to introduce and showcase Kenya as an attractive destination. For instance, the Magical Kenya Ladies Open (MKLO) receives live television coverage in over 100 countries globally. Additionally, looking at the feedback we get from some of the participants, there is a lot of goodwill to experience and immerse in what is becoming a renowned tourism and investment hub.”

Ambassadors Beyond Play: He also noted how International players who participate in such events contribute significantly to spotlighting the destination (Kenya), stating how their positive testimonies resonate with audiences worldwide, creating goodwill and interest in experiencing Kenya firsthand.

Upcoming Events: He further asserted the impact of hosting international events which goes beyond the actual competition and the prize money, but also rubber stamps Kenya’s status as a safe, attractive, and memorable destination. With similar events such as the Magical Kenya Open (22nd-25th February 2024), Kip-Keino classic (20th April 2024), and the WRC Safari Rally (28th-31st March 2024) lined up, he highlighted them as great opportunities to further enhance Kenya’s reputation and attract more visitors, which will ultimately translate into increased revenue for the tourism sector.

The tournament which commenced on Thursday, February 8th and ended on Sunday, February 11th, was beamed live to 350 million homes across 100 countries globally providing an opportunity to showcase Kenya’s rich and diverse tourist attractions on a grand scale. The KTB boss stressed that the excursion was an example of experiences that showcase Kenya even beyond the greens and fairways and replicated in future events.

LET player Xiaolin Tian poses with a tortoise during the trip organized by KTB

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