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Windhoek’s Movenpick Hotel witnessed the exhilarating unfoldment of AHIF 2024, Africa’s premier forum for hotel and tourism investment, held from June 25th to 27th. Drawing over 500 delegates from 40+ countries, including global investors, industry titans, and government officials, the event served as a vibrant nexus for exploring Africa’s burgeoning hospitality opportunities.

Under the theme “Connecting Africa, A Nexus for Investment,” AHIF 2024 spotlighted dynamic discussions on tourism projects, infrastructure advancements, and pioneering hotel developments across the continent. With 90+ influential speakers, participants immersed themselves in sessions on sustainable tourism, digital innovation, and innovative financing models. Notably, 16% of attendees were keen investors eager to unlock tangible prospects in Namibia and beyond.

Namibia’s allure took center stage, showcasing its diverse landscapes and cultural richness. Nangula Nelulu Uaandja, CEO of Namibia’s Investment Promotion and Development Board, underscored the event’s role in spotlighting Namibia’s untapped potential, from eco-lodges in the Namib Desert to luxury resorts along the Skeleton Coast.

Key highlights included a compelling keynote by Namibia’s Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, emphasizing sustainable tourism’s pivotal role. Trevor Ward, Managing Director of W Hospitality Group, provided insights into Africa’s evolving investment landscape, highlighting emerging opportunities and challenges.

The “Sustainable Tourism Development” panel championed environmentally responsible practices, inspiring attendees to integrate sustainability into their ventures. Meanwhile, the “Digital Transformation in Hospitality” workshop led by Haitham Mattar of IHG Hotels & Resorts explored cutting-edge technologies reshaping guest experiences and operational efficiencies.

Networking opportunities abounded, with sessions tailored for entrepreneurs to pitch projects directly to investors, fostering new partnerships. Regional spotlights showcased local success stories and investment potential, enhancing collaboration across Africa.

The closing ceremony resonated with optimism, featuring Gys Joubert of Godwana Collection, who praised AHIF 2024 for fostering industry collaboration and innovation. As the event concluded, participants departed with actionable strategies and renewed enthusiasm, poised to propel Africa’s hospitality sector towards a prosperous future.

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AHIF 2024 emerges not just as a conference but as a catalyst for transformative growth in African hospitality. Its profound impact on industry dynamics and future prospects underscores its significance. For those who missed it, the event’s outcomes serve as a compelling testament to Africa’s vibrant hospitality landscape.

Looking ahead to AHIF 2025, the future of African hospitality investment shines brighter than ever. For more insights, visit


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