Human-Wildlife Conflict In Kajiado South Sub County

KWS Board Of Trustees Chairman And Director General Hold Meeting With The Community In Mbirikani-Amboseli To Address Human-Wildlife Conflict In Kajiado South Sub County

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Board of Trustees Chairman, Lieutenant General (Rtd) Walter Raria Koipaton, and Acting Director General, Dr. Erustus Kanga May 13, 2025 held a meeting with the local community and National Government administration officers in Kajiado South Sub County to address recent incidences of Human-Wildlife Conflict in the area.

During the meeting, the KWS officials discoursed ways to address the current conflict which resulted in the killing of six lions earlier today. The lions killed eleven goats and one dog last night. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident as over the last week, four other lions have been killed resulting to a total of ten lions killed in the Amboseli ecosystem.

The KWS officials engaged the community in an effort to find lasting solutions that will address the conflict while protecting both human lives and wildlife. The discussions centred on exploring ways to minimize the risk of human-wildlife conflict, including developing early warning systems to alert communities of the presence of wildlife in their vicinity. The discussions further centred on the wider scope of exploring human-wildlife conflict in the context of community livelihoods and benefit sharing towards a harmonious coexistence in the open community and wildlife landscapes.

The KWS Director General and Board of Trustees Chairman emphasized the importance of balancing the needs of the local communities with the need to protect wildlife. They urged the community to report any incidents of human- wildlife conflict to KWS, and assured them that they will work together to find lasting solutions to the conflicts.

KWS is dedicated to safeguarding Kenya’s wildlife and ensuring that wildlife continues to be an integral part of Kenya’s heritage. The Service encourages Kenyans to work together towards creating a peaceful co- existence between humans and wildlife.


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