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DIRO Jewellers are producers and manufacturers of handcrafted fashion accessories and jewellery. Working with locally available materials such as Brass, Horn, Bone and Stones and sometimes run upcycling projects which involve paper and other media. Brass is hypoallergenic which means it doesn’t cause allergies. It is also easy to maintain and restore the shine by polishing. We give value addition by either gold or silver plating our Brass merchandise so as to lengthen their lifecycle.

Diro Jewellers has a wide range of collections such as Rateng Africa Collection, Bakuli Collection, Tung Collection, Mkuki Collection, Uso Collection and many more.

Mkuki Collection


Tung Collection


Bakuli Collection


Uso Collection


You can find us at: Zanta Adeyde Store at the Village Market African Lifestyle Hub at Sarit Centre Nairobi Street Kitchen

For Inquiries Call: +254 738 651 082

+254 711 752 989 Email: diangaochino@dirokenya.com


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[caption id="attachment_55820" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Diang’a Rosebelle Ochino CEO & Founder DIRO Jellewery – A fashion accessories designer, performing artist, model and leader.[/caption]
Ginene, the brand run by Diro Jewellers was birthed from the artistic talent of the founder Diang’a Rosebelle. At a tender age, she used to tinker with artistic media to create art forms. Her natural love for art harmonised what her fingers created with what her eyes beheld in nature. Nature provided a canvas through which this young entrepreneur would stroke fashion accessories. This is our style, nature translated into fashion. A journey that commenced as a hobby during childhood advanced into an income-generating enterprise. Today the brand has grown and draws from extensive experience, passion, talent and artistic mastery to influence fashion trends. In collaboration with Anna Adero of Jaber Bridal House, Diang’a staged her inaugural Fashion event dubbed Awroussi in 2009. On two separate occasions, Ginene has participated in the Pan African Fashion event ‘Fashion for Peace’ better known as ’Festival for Fashion and Arts’ or FAFA in the 4th edition in 2012 and the 5th edition in 2014. Since then, under her brand, she has also participated in the Origin Africa Trade Fair in Kenya in 2018 and the subsequent Origin Africa Trade Fair held in Tanzania in 2019. https://youtu.be/Aqk2KpotTZU
We produce in Kibera and sell at various retail points in Nairobi city. Find us at the Zanta Adeyde store at the Village Market, the African Lifestyle Hub at the Sarit Centre and the Nairobi Street Kitchen Mpaka Road in Westlands. We are also available online via Instagram shop and our website dirokenya.com.


For Inquiries Call: +254 738 651 082

+254 711 752 989 Email: diangaochino@dirokenya.com

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