Gorilla Trekking In Uganda And Rwanda


Deciding On The Perfect Gorilla Getaways Between Uganda And Rwanda

Dreaming of seeing mountain gorillas in the wild? Uganda and Rwanda both offer incredible gorilla trekking experiences, but each country has its own pros and cons.  Let’s break down what you need to consider before planning your once-in-a-lifetime primate adventure.


The biggest difference is price. Uganda’s gorilla permits are much cheaper at $800 per person, while Rwanda charges a steep $1500. If you’re on a budget, Uganda is the clear winner.

Trekking Difficulty

Rwanda’s trails are generally easier, with less dense jungle and better visibility. However, Uganda’s more challenging treks can be very rewarding if you’ up for an adventure.

The Gorilla Experience

There’s no difference in the gorillas themselves – they’re amazing wherever you trek! You’ll spend an unforgettable hour with them in either country.

Beyond Gorillas

 Uganda offers much more wildlife viewing.Think lions, elephants, you name it! Combine gorillas with a classic safari experience.

Rwanda is smaller and easier to navigate. It’s great if you’re short on time, but wildlife options are more limited.


Getting there: Rwanda is closer to its main airport, but Uganda is easily accessible by flying into Kigali, Rwanda, and driving just a few hours to Bwindi National Park.

Accommodation: Both countries have a range from budget-friendly to luxury.

The Bottom Line

Rwanda offers a seamless gorilla experience. Picture smooth drives to the park, trails with gentler slopes, and luxurious lodges nestled in the hills. Think of it as a VIP pass to the world of gorillas – it’s effortless and unforgettable, though it comes with a hefty price tag.

On the other hand, Uganda is the heart of a true African adventure. Reaching those mist- shrouded mountains takes time and determination, but the rewards are extraordinary. With each step on the muddy forest paths, you’ll feel the thrill of discovery. You might even catch a glimpse of other incredible creatures along the way! Uganda gives you gorillas, a classic safari experience, and bragging rights – all at a fraction of the cost.

A Few More Things to Consider

Safety is a priority: Don’t let those giant gorillas intimidate you! Trekking with experienced guides, following their instructions, and keeping a respectful distance ensure a safe and awe- inspiring encounter.

Prepare for the challenge: Gorilla trekking isn’t a walk in the park. Sturdy hiking boots, rain gear, and a sense of adventure will make the journey just as rewarding as the destination. A reasonable level of fitness will help you fully enjoy the experience.

Leave no trace: Protecting these magnificent creatures means minimizing our impact on

their environment. That means packing out any litter and respecting their habitat.

Consider a local tour operator: Navigating permits, transportation, and accommodations can be tricky. A reputable company like Nkuringo Safaris will handle the logistics, leaving you free to focus on the incredible journey ahead (info@nkuringosafaris.com).

So, which country is right for you? It depends on your priorities and budget. No matter where you choose, an unforgettable experience awaits!

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